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Macau, Las Vegas of Asia!

Macau, Las Vegas of Asia!

As promised, here’s an update on our fantastic weekend in Macau!

We get up early, at like 7 or something. We meet in Causeway Bay for the start of our tour and we take the little ferry from TST to Macau. It takes about an hour, but I really only remember like 2 minutes of it since I fell asleep. It’s a pretty comfortable ride though.

When we landed in Macau, it was pouring rain. We were all thinking it would be a long day with the storm and everything, but then it cleared up… which is a really good thing about Hong Kong actually. We went to a giant temple, which is where the Portuguese originally landed and gave Macau its mistranslated name. Anyways, we got there, went to a bakery, stuffed myself with Portuguese egg tarts and other Macau foods, and called it a day. Just kidding, but I think even if there was nothing else in Macau, the food alone is worth it!

So after that, we went to the Macau Tower, where they have the highest bungee jumping spot in the world. It was crazy. We watched like 3 people jump. I figured maybe when I get to that bucket list stage of my life, like around 80, I’ll think about it. Because you do it now, then it ruins all the adrenaline-causing activities for the rest of your life. Then we had an all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch. Slight issue: I already ate all I could eat at that bakery, but hey, not complaining. We went to see that famous Catholic church as well and walked around the main square, whose name I forgot. I really enjoyed it though; it was a nice change of scenery. But obviously, you can’t leave Macau without going to a casino, so we went to that Emperor Casino to take a look. It’s owned by Jackie Chan, and it’s got solid gold floors. Who knew Jackie Chan was doing this these days, and personally I found it quite ugly. I’m also too young to gamble, so that was that.

I was pretty tired from the week though, since my family friend came over, so we went out pretty often last week, so I decided to take Sunday to myself and get a manicure at Mong Kok. Take advantage of the cheap prices while I’m here…
It was a pretty nice day, and I met up for Sunday dinner with all the other Hong Kong interns at a Bangkok Thai Restaurant, which was amazing!

So I realized up until now, this has literally been a food blog. Just so everyone knows, that’s completely representative of me, but I suppose the Hong Kong internship is a pretty important part of the experience too, so I’ll talk a little bit about that.

First of all, Claire and Jason are super nice, and Claire’s still young, so she’s like a cool boss. I hear a lot of internship stories about people who kind of just sit there, and nobody really knows what to do with them, but for us, even on the first day, we had stuff to do. Also, the corporate culture is really nice. It’s a super small company, which makes it really comfortable. There’s a pantry (which is perfect for a foodie like me), and on Fridays, we all even eat Melona popsicles sometimes. It’s more or less a flat hierarchy, and everyone is, for the most part, really approachable.

Best part is, I have enough work to get through the day, with like 2 hours to spare for “personal research”. I’m super nerdy, so it’s usually like researching majors or watching TED talks or you know, exploring my options for the future, but I really like my time. Also, this sound super cheesy, but I sort of figured out my life. I mean like a rough sketch, but still, at least I have a general direction. I think I’ll want to go into management consulting in the future for at least 5-10 years because what I realized working at CMC is that it’s a very dynamic job, and the knowledge gained directly correlates with everything including life experiences, travels, general knowledge, etc… whereas something like, I don’t know, biology, is a little more narrowly defined. Anyways, I think it’s interesting to do something different every day, and it’s something I’d like to look into. One day, it’s looking into the Hong Kong Rubgy team, the next it’s the topical, OTC pharmaceutical industry in China. I think the intent of the Hong Kong internship was to gain exposure and maybe figure out my interests, so I’m happy. I think I squeezed the lemonade out of the lemons, or whatever that expression is… I mean, I got the most out of this experience. Sad there’s only about 3 weeks left…

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