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Looking for a deeper understanding of the international financial system

Looking for a deeper understanding of the international financial system

Hi Everyone, After receiving such positive information from past alumni, I very much expect this internship will provide a great number of learning opportunities and a chance to build upon the knowledge obtained from my university studies. Furthermore, I believe this internship will enable a great opening for future employment in a competitive finance industry in having the relevant experience with a prestigious company on the CV.

During my internship, I hope to build meaningful relationships with fellow like-minded, ambitious students looking to further their career path. Importantly, whilst I am currently completing my degree in finance, in being exposed to the various roles and examining the particular attributes required to succeed in these tasks will aid in exploring the specific nature of employment I am most suited to with my strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly which i am passionate about. I fully expect that at the end of my placement I will have a deeper understanding of the international financial system.

Lastly, living in such a grand, reputable city such as London will be something that is vastly different to what I previously experienced coming from the small, quiet city of Adelaide, Australia. The accessibility and close business communications to other European cities will be a different scenario.

Therefore I have very unfamiliar expectations to the type of daily routine, particularly utilizing the underground system in commuting to work and the exposure to the much colder winter weather atypical to the Australian climate, including snow! I am very much looking forward to exploring the city and experiencing the different culture and daily life.

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