From Lisbon to an Internship in Shanghai

From Lisbon to an Internship in Shanghai

My name is Frederico Braga and I am Portuguese economics’ student, doing my undergraduate in Nova School of Business and Economics (NovaSBE), Lisbon. Since the end of August, I have been in Hong Kong doing my exchange programme and I am having the best experience in my life!

shanghai internshipI would describe myself as a sportive person, although I have never practiced any sport in a professional way. In my free time, I usually go swimming or running, but the sport I enjoy the most is definitely skiing. Apart from that, traveling is also part of my life and every year I do a trip with my family during the summer, so the opportunity to travel was also one of the reasons I chose to do my exchange in Hong Kong. Finally, as a Catholic, I like to have a role in society and I can say volunteering is already part of my life! shanghai intern

Portugal is a small country, and Lisbon has only 1 million inhabitants, so coming to Asia, but specifically to Hong Kong, was the most challenging thing I have ever done. All is different and that gives me the opportunity to learn more about this amazing culture and about the local people.

The exchange programme is almost finished, but back in Lisbon I only start classes in February. I could go back right after the end but I do not know if I will ever have another opportunity to live here in Asia, and I want to take the most out of it! That was the main reason I started looking for an internship in Shanghai, as it would be another completely different experience. I would have the opportunity to have my first contact with the job market and to work for a real company, besides that I would be still in Asia!

Fortunately, I found Absolute Internship, started to gather some information and finally decided to apply to the Finance Internship. Then what am I expecting from this internship? Unquestionably, my expectations are high, especially because I already know a bit more about the city. First, I expect it to be a great opportunity to develop my skills as a professional by being in contact with people who have worked in the area for a long time. I have no doubt that in the current society, namely in Portugal, I need to differentiate myself if I want to be successful and an internship in Asia certainly helps achieving it. I also think it is going to be an opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture, and to be in contact with cultures from all over the world by meeting the other interns. Most of all, I expect to enjoy this internship in Shanghai, not only at work, but also during the leisure times!

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