Nervous, excited for my legal internship

hong kong internship

Nervous, excited for my legal internship

hong kong internsThe flight was fairly straightforward. I slept for about twelve hours and tried to adjust to the time difference in Hong Kong. Coming from the U.S., I would be a full 12 hours behind Hong Kong time. I was a bit concerned that I would not adjust but luckily, I did just fine. I arrived in Hong Kong a day earlier than my airport pickup. I wanted to have an extra day to explore the city before starting my internship. The first day in Hong Kong was strange, I felt as if I entered a new world. I was completely dumbfounded as to where anything was and decided to explore as much as possible. I saw the botanical gardens and the zoo within the city, which provided amazing sights and a relaxing area to reflect. The jet lag caught onto me and I was forced to go to bed quite early.

hong kong internshipsThe next day, I arrived at my accommodation and began meeting the other interns in Hong Kong. The accommodation was great! My floor had a gym, which was great for me to continue exercising after a long day and most importantly, there was a chilling air conditioning within the building. This was a life-saver. The heat and humidity of Hong Kong is something that I immediately noticed upon arriving. After unpacking a bit in my accommodation, we met in the lobby to meet any interns who had just arrived. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to get along perfectly. We proceeded to our welcome dinner and enjoyed some Cantonese cuisine. Everyone was eager to share their background and experiences. We ended up going out that night after dinner to LKF. This street was filled with bars and clubs for everyone to enjoy. The street itself was packed with people and was interesting to compare to American nightlife.

hong kong internsThe next morning, we proceeded to the orientation which explained the ins and outs of the program and allowed us to ask questions that we had about various topics. The rest of the day, I and a few other interns decided to explore the city. We went to Taikoo, by taking the metro, and explored CityPlaza. The metro itself is interesting. As you could guess, extremely busy but having experienced Boston and New York metro, it was not too overwhelming. CityPlaza was a shopping mall that was extremely large. I couldn’t tell you how many times I found myself lost in there.

I was off to my first day at my legal internship. If I said I was not nervous, I would be lying. I arrived early and waited to meet with HR for basic orientation to my tasks at work and understanding the company. Luckily, it was a fairly smooth transition into the company which focuses much of its legal work in contract law, an area I was completely unexperienced with. It was an interesting challenge for me to learn and become a member of the team. We’ll see how the next few days go!

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