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Internships in Lisbon: A CEO’s Perspective

Internships in Lisbon

Internships in Lisbon: A CEO’s Perspective

We spoke to one of our amazing host companies based in Lisbon to understand how interns can bring a fresh perspective to their business and advice for students who are considering internships in Lisbon. Rui Gouveia, the co-founder and CEO of Build Up Labs kindly agreed to share his insights with us!


What is Build Up Labs and what’s your mission?


Founded in 2014 in Lisbon, Build Up Labs is a Startup Studio and Incubator. At the Studio, our mission is to create amazing digital products that deliver great experiences and real value to users at scale with our resident team. At the Incubator, our mission is to support startups launch and grow in a more efficient way, sharing with them the mistakes we’ve made over the years while creating our own products.


What are the benefits of having international interns at your company?


We’re always looking for fresh perspectives and new ways of innovating. And we believe we can only find those by being exposed to new people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations. This is the only way to grow.


Internships in Lisbon


What kind of projects do your interns help with? Any specific tasks?


Our internships don’t have a specific structure, meaning that there’s flexibility when it comes to the project and tasks that our interns help with. Seeing that we work on several startups at the same time, our interns can support one or more startups. Tasks vary on the intern’s skills and interests, as well as on our needs. However, they could vary between digital marketing, social media management, business development, UX/UI design and full-stack development.


Which 3 traits or skills make a successful intern?


We’re always looking for people who are:

  • Self-driven: who want to bring their own ideas to the table
  • Autonomous and flexible: who know how to manage their own time and tasks and who are comfortable with changing roles
  • Passionate about entrepreneurship & innovation: who are curious and highly motivated to be in the startup world


Why should students choose an internship in the tech and digital innovation industry?


Working in tech means helping shape what our future will look like. It means being constantly faced with new exciting challenges and having to think outside the box. It hardly gets boring!


Internships in Lisbon


What can students expect from internships in Lisbon, Portugal?


Lisbon is a beautiful city, known as the city of light. We do have 300 days of sun every year! Plus, at Build Up Labs you’ll get to work in a great office right next to the river. Lisbon is the place for a perfect mix between work and leisure, as we’re close to the beach and we have stunning landscapes and great nightlife.


What is the working culture in your company?


At Build Up Labs we believe in flexibility, where each person manages their own schedule. Communication is also key. Every team member is just a message away for any question that may come up! And finally, at Build Up Labs every voice is heard, so don’t be afraid to bring your own opinions and ideas 🙂


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