Internship in London. Ready, Set, Go.

intern in london

Internship in London. Ready, Set, Go.

london internshipAs an English major, you would think that finding words to express how I feel about completing a publishing internship in London would be easy. Sitting here at my keyboard and staring at a blank Word document tells a different story. How do I share all of my anticipation and excitement in such a short amount of space?

Starting from the beginning: my name is Kiersten Richards, and I graduated from Western Kentucky University two months ago. I have dual degrees in English with a professional writing concentration and Spanish. Communication is such an essential part of everyday life, and I love to help people get their messages across in both my native and second languages.

internship in londonTravel and culture have always fascinated me—from San Francisco and Washington D.C. to Reykjavik and Madrid. During my college career, I had the opportunity to study abroad twice. First, I spent a semester in Segovia, Spain drinking in the vibrant language and culture around me. The next year, I completed a tour of Northern Europe where my class learned about and discussed the effects of climate change.

Now, I have the honor of calling London my home base as I work in the publishing industry. Although I’ve visited the city as a tourist before, working there even as an intern seems a bit surreal. I imagine that it will be a similar experience to my studying abroad without the language barrier (but perhaps a spelling one!). But as the atmosphere of metropolitan London is so different from that of rural Segovia, I know that I’m in for the ride of my life.

My mind constantly swirls with questions, most of which cannot be answered until I step off the plane and into my new life for four weeks. Working a full-time job in a foreign city won’t be easy, but I know that with Absolute Internship, I’ll be set. Having other students in the same boat will make this an experience I’ll remember forever.

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