Internship in Hong Kong

Internship in Hong Kong

hong kong internshipAfter being puzzled for the new environment where I started to live and work, in my second week I begin to be involved in my new city.

The work at my internship in Hong Kong is very interesting. The company is an anti-counterfeiting and IP specialist: it provides technical tools to companies and governments in order to protect their trademark or goods. For example, it works with the Hong Kong government against currency forgery.

I am included in the company’s legal brench and I will provide a report at the end of my internship in Hong Kong. It is about IP protection of luxury brands in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore to find out the best practices against counterfeiting. It is a very broad subject, a tough comparative study from a legal and a socio-economic point of view. It is like a thesis: I am currently writing more than 50 pages! Compared with the stuff I learn in class and with what I do in my university, there is one big difference: the things I am researching are not abstract, but concretely used by my boss for its work. I am not only researching in websites or books, but I am going to interview concrete people involved in the field, such as authorities and companies. I hope to be prepared to face this new challenge for my professional path.

I have already interviewed a local lawyer. It was a professional experience that I will never forget.

The atmosphere in the office is very informal and relaxed and my old spot Devilman protects me during my work. I am also very lucky because I have two friendly bosses: a German and a Singaporean: two different kind of leadership and two different kind of behaviour required – sometimes I feel like changing my personality!

internship hong kongThe office is set in one of the most typical Chinese areas of Hong Kong, so called Wan Chai and it is not too far from the core business centre of the city. I enjoy the atmosphere and after-work I go with my colleagues and friends to discover the delicious local food: pork intestine, frogs, chicken feet. Lovely.

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