Intern London My Top Tips

intern london

Intern London My Top Tips

london internshipWell, it’s that time again, another London post. It was interesting—over the last week I had a HUGE influx of work. One of my bosses went on vacation and another boss had just given me about 6 projects to follow-up from a marketing conference. In all, my to do list spanned about the length of 4 pages. It was insane. And a lot of my deadlines were that week or early the next week. The biggest problem was that I wasn’t given any information on which projects to prioritize and on top of that, my supervisors were contradicting one another, giving me more work, write something this way, re-write it that way.

Talk about flustering.

Talk about stressful.

This, I think is somewhat of an advice post: my bit of advice to other interns.

When this happens, do not panic. Take a breath. Do whatever it takes to get through your work. It might be hard, it might be stressful, but don’t doubt yourself for a second. Walls always look bigger when you are at the bottom of them. They don’t look quite so large half way up. I was able to finish all my tasks, yes, my hair was in disarray and I had big ugly bags under my eyes. But you know what? I rose to the challenge. I had no idea I was capable of completing so many tasks. It really made me confident in my abilities. Of course—I took the weekend to rest and pass out after it all. You just have to remember that you won’t always have that much work to complete. It’s only sometimes; and every time you finish it, you’ve proven yourself to yourself and to your employers. Be someone they can rely on, they’ll respect you and good things always come from respect.

london internsAs for communication issues…

Just talk to them. These people are people too. No matter how high up in the company they might be. For example, this week I went out with one of my bosses for his work stag (at a lovely cocktail bar called Cahoots, if you get the chance, you really ought to go, its entirely 50s speak-easy themed and an absolute ball. Highly recommend.) Of course, my bosses had lots of stories to tell. They were, after all people. So it wasn’t much of an issue to simply ask for someone to go over my to-do list and put in the priorities. Done. Easy. Don’t’ be afraid of your bosses, they won’t bite.

That’s all for today folks! Cheers and chippers.

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