Intern in London | Wish I could stay longer

Intern in London | Wish I could stay longer

london internshipsWell, it’s that time again! Blog number 2; let me begin my blog by saying that I had no idea what to expect. London was so far and yet so near as I got on my delayed Iceland Airways plane. I had 5 hours to Iceland then 3 hours to London. Terrible. We arrived within one minute of my connecting flight’s take off. It was INCREDIBLY lucky that Iceland Air asked my plane to wait a small handful of passengers and I. We got on, and I was about half an hour late for the airport pickup from my Absolute contact, Banu. I was able to call her upon my arrival in Heathrow; low and behold, yet another person offered to wait for me! I was really relieved and really thankful. This was only one example of the kind and welcoming atmosphere that received me here in London. Every single one of my contacts, Guilia, Banu and Carla were all extremely accommodating and friendly. In fact, I have grown to become good friends with Giulia and Banu. Carla I have not been able to see as much, but she seemed really nice and I thought we could get along well! The employers at my internship in London have been equally friendly and I am excited to say I will be going to my boss’ “Work Stag Party” next week as he is getting married in July.

I love my offices, and I love the work I’ve been given. I was expecting to get lots of boring paperwork and to do coffee runs for the office. This IS NOT what I have been doing. I have been put in charge of all of our social media postings, created a business Instagram account and have written loads of copy for the company’s website and magazine. I could not be happier where I am.

london internshipsIn such a short time, I’ve really managed to establish a home for myself here in London. My room was clean and very functional… albeit a little barren… to remedy this, I bought fairy lights, a Peonies plant and a couple other decorative elements to make the apartment feel more like home. I also have amazing news, readers! I was able to find a gym and it’s less than a minute’s walk from the residence! Actually, it’s right next-door! It’s called W10 fitness and yes, they own a prowler (they actually have three), chains, a GHR and a plethora of kettlebells. The grocery store is also right down the road, and so I have also been able to fill up the fridge as I like. I’m living life EXACTLY as I would want to.

My only complaint at the moment is that I wish I could stay longer!

Best and much love,


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