Indianapolis -> San Francisco -> Shanghai

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Indianapolis -> San Francisco -> Shanghai

environment in chinaI came on this trip to Shanghai, China through Absolute Internship, not knowing what to expect. The flight was a long 14 hours, with very limited movies. After we had arrived to Shanghai, we were all exhausted and definitely feeling jet lag. It was nice to be welcomed by smiling faces from the Absolute internship crew. After meeting both Aurélie and Anne-Fleur, we headed to our hotel by bus. During the bus ride, it was amazing to see all the different skyscrapers and various residents. Once we arrived to the hotel, we meet the rest of the Absolute Internship crew, Fredrik and Anne-Fleur. It was great to feel so welcomed, and that all their members were present to welcome us. In addition, they gave us a wonderful welcome packet- filled with personalized business cards, a SIM card for our phones, and even a selfie stick for all the wonderful photos we would be taking while in Shanghai.

Once we got settled into our own individualized rooms and dropped off our luggage, we headed to a nice family-style restaurant with the absolute crew. There we were served various family-sized dishes. The food was very similar to the Chinese food we are similar with from home. It was was very filling and tasty. In addition, eating this meal was a great transition, because the food we would eat almost every day here is very traditional Chinese food. After the delicious meal, we headed back and immediately fell asleep in our individual rooms.

chinaAfter a few days of getting situated by getting to know the other interns, getting used to the time change, and learning how to use chop sticks, we headed out to explore Shanghai. Absolute planned out a photo scavenger hunt for us with partners. The scavenger hunt allowed us to see different parts of Shanghai will having fun. Surprisingly, I followed the scavenger hunt list and got to take a photo in the front of a taxi driver’s seat as well as hold a Chinese baby. It was hard sometimes with the language barrier to communicate what type of photo I was trying to take, but in the end it created a ton of laughs between my scavenger hunt partner and me. I am excited for what awaits me at my first day at my internship.

Stay tuned.

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