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I definitely want to return to Shanghai

I definitely want to return to Shanghai

Having studied abroad before, I found exploring a new city absolutely amazing. It was a great experience and I definitely want to return to Shanghai, because one month wasn’t enough to do everything I wanted to do. The internship was also so useful because it offered a practical aspect to my degree (architecture) which I haven’t experienced at uni. The most interesting part was being able to see a behind-the-scenes of building sites, especially in Asia, near by to where I grew up. At the moment I don’t have anything to compare this experience to, but now I can start by building up more practical learning elsewhere.

For those who are thinking about doing the program, or who have started it, I recommend it because from what I’ve been told in uni so far, it’s all about getting out there and meeting people. It is all about ‘knowing’ people, and this is a fantastic starting point for those like me who are in their early stages of uni, and I’m sure also a continuing point for people who have finished their degree already! It’s a great experience to have your belt and I’m glad that I did it. Talking from an architecture-student point of view, it’s also important to go to different countries for architecture because obviously every country is different, and that’s not something that is taught at uni – how could they teach architecture from every country? – so I think internships and work experience are very important to do, to gather as much experience as possible. If you want to travel with your degree, as I do, start traveling early! I had so much fun exploring a city with new friends and I can’t wait to do something like it again.

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