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Hybrid Marketing Internship in Barcelona: Almas Story

Marketing Internship in Spain

Hybrid Marketing Internship in Barcelona: Almas Story

Hi everyone! My name is Almas Ali and I am a British Asian student studying at Birmingham City University in the UK. Last summer I decided to take part in the Absolute Internship Summer Program for a Hybrid Marketing Internship in Barcelona. I was placed as a Marketing intern for City Job Offers. They are a recruitment agency who specialise in finding job opportunities for foreigners.


How was your experience with your host company?


I had a great experience with my host company. All of the employees were so welcoming and really encouraged me to learn and grow while I was working at the company. My internship was hybrid and therefore the company gave me a lot of autonomy and space to work independently, bringing out my innovation and creativity.


Marketing Internship in Barcelona


Did you feel worried about living abroad as part of your community?


Personally, I was not worried about doing my Hybrid Marketing Internship in Barcelona or living abroad as part of my community, however I did wonder if I would be okay with food as I don’t eat pork and that is a staple in Spanish cuisine. Luckily there was an abundance of vegetarian or other meat options so I was always able to feel comfortable.


Did you feel any different being abroad to back home e.g accepted, judged, liberated?


Coming back home from the program I felt like a new person. I had a clearer image in my head of what I want to do with my life and the steps I wanted to take to get there. The program helped me grow as an individual and become much more independent, helping me feel liberated. The program also helped me become more comfortable in spending time with myself, like eating lunch in my own company during my lunch breaks from work.

This is something I never felt comfortable doing before I embarked on my internship however it is something I would now recommend to anyone, it is a very liberating experience, encouraging self love!


Marketing Internship in Spain


What advice would you give to other diverse students considering the program?


To other diverse students thinking about joining the program I would definitely say go for it! Step out of your comfort zone. Travelling the world, working, while meeting new people from all around the world is an extremely eye opening experience. The people you will meet along the way will have a lasting impact on your life from all walks of life. You will never feel alone or unwelcome as all of the interns are in the same boat. It is extremely easy to find people you grow to love and become additions to your family.


How did your marketing internship help you achieve your goals?


My main goal for the program was to gain as much experience as possible in the marketing sector of business which I achieved. However I also achieved becoming more confident in myself and the decisions I made, whether that was in the work environment or during my free time, making new friends and feeling accepted. I had the best time during my Marketing Internship in Spain and I have met some amazing friends and gained some invaluable experience from my internship.


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