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How to Raise Your College Admission Chances: Internships for High School Students

Internships for High School Students

How to Raise Your College Admission Chances: Internships for High School Students

Calling all high schoolers! On average, high school students have 13 weeks of school holidays a year. So what exactly could you be doing with all that time other than relaxing? Have you considered internships for high school students? How about some volunteering? Or maybe work experience? Here’s why you should consider a remote internship during your holiday breaks:


Benefits of Internships for High School Students


Choosing your degree


During high school it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when having to choose a subject to study at college/university. It is difficult to make a decision when you have no real knowledge of the sector you are committing to study in for many more years. By doing a remote internship in one of our four career tracks: Business, Creative, Tech or Non-Profit, you will discover more about the path you would be committing to. Whether this experience confirms your choice of degree or changes it completely, you will definitely find it easier to make a decision on your future.


Being accepted to University


As well as the stress of choosing your subject, you also have to worry about your applications to be accepted into university! Standing out from the crowd is the best way to ensure you are accepted into your dream college. How can you do this? Gaining real world experience with tangible results. During this 4 week internship you will be working on projects that will have results. This is what you can use in your applications to prove your dedication to this subject.


Go global from anywhere


Not only are these internships in real companies, they are also situated across the world. You could be interning for a company located in Singapore, Portugal, London or many others. This will allow you to gain experience with different working cultures and environments and increase your international exposure.



Internships for high school students


How to secure a High School Internship


Going through a provider such as Absolute Internship is the best way to get a guaranteed internship. As you may know, it is very difficult to find employers open to working with high school students. That is why we delve into our network of over 800 companies across the globe to find the very best opportunities for you, in the sector you’re interested in.


Not only will you have your guaranteed internship placement but you will also have a Personal Internship Coach that will guide and support you through the whole four weeks. As well as access to Career Foundation Workshops and our exclusive e-learning platform, the Absolute Academy. We will also provide you with a professional portfolio and Internship Certificate to start building your professional network.


Internships for high school students


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