How to Eat Dim Sum like a Hong Kong Local

How to Eat Dim Sum like a Hong Kong Local

Leave no dumpling untasted on your Hong Kong internship!

1. Find a seat.

The most authentic dim sum joints are lively, crowded holes-in-the-wall. Weaving through locals reading the paper while looking for a free spot is all part of the experience. If you see an empty seat, even if it’s at a table with other people, GRAB IT before someone else does!

2. Try the tea…

It is traditional to drink tea or yum cha with dim sum, and it’s the first thing you’ll be served when you find a seat. When you’re running low, leave the lid halfway off your teapot- that’s to let your server know you need a refill!

3. …And a little bit of everything!

There are two ways dim sum is served. When they come out on trolleys pushed around by servers, you can point at what you want as they go by. If they’re served a la carte, circle the corresponding number of your order on your menu.

4. Eat your soup dumplings or xiao long bao the RIGHT way.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Put vinegar and a little ginger in your small saucer.

Step 2: Pick up the xiao long bao with your chopsticks carefully and dip it in the ginger vinegar, then place it in your spoon.

Step 3: Nibble the knot at the top of the xiao long bao and slurp the soup. Slurping is polite here and shows you are enjoying the food!

Step 4: Sprinkle vinegar and bits of ginger on your xiao long bao and eat the rest of it, savoring the taste.

And please, DON’T pop soup dumplings with your chopsticks!

5. Sharing is caring.

Going for dim sum is great with friends- the plates are practically made for sharing and letting everyone taste everything in small delicious bites!

6. Don’t miss out – mix it up!

Hong Kong is absolute dim sum heaven. You can enjoy this tradition at quaint teahouses, fancy Chinese restaurants or even the cheapest Michelin-star experiences in the world. So as tempting as it might be, don’t keep going back to the same places. Practice your cantonese by asking a local for recommendations. Stay curious and you’ll savor all of Hong Kong’s flavors!

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