How It’s Like to Intern in Madrid

How It’s Like to Intern in Madrid

“Inside a building on Paseo de la Castellana, you will find cheery people who are eager to get into their offices and start their day. With over 10 offices in a communal building, you can find my company. It is an office with 7 hardworking individuals who want nothing but success for the travel and event agency. It is a fun, cool environment where lots of laughs are shared and I have the opportunity to work there for 2 whole months.
Just to give some background information, the company assists people in planning bachelor, bachelorette and college trips across Europe. The focus on their planning in countries of Spain and Portugal.

madrid workWhere do I begin? I typically arrive around 9:00am to begin my day. I sit down at my desk and open up my “Schedule and Objectives” Excel spreadsheet. Here is where I have a list of blogs about various topics and each day I re-write the Spanish text and revamp it to English text. I have been taught how to use Photoshop and I use the program to adjust photos to go along with the blogs. I have learned a lot thorough reading these blogs as the topics are wide spanned. I have been behind the scenes on their website and have learned to upload the posts as well.

In addition to my daily tasks, I have the opportunity to help out with social media accounts. For instance, I will help create a fun and interesting caption on Facebook for the blog posts. I recently did a post about “Divorce Parties” so a colleague and I came up with the idea to make fun of Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage! We had a good laugh and posted it with hopes other people will find it funny and click on the link. I have also had some time with the Twitter account by helping make creative posts and by researching other competitors Twitter pages.

This industry can be challenging as a lot of issues can arise when dealing with clients and trying to make their dream trip come true. It takes patience and hard work to make sure that everything runs smoothly between service providers, the company and the clients. I see the challenges that my colleagues encounter but I like the idea of fixing them. The Event Planning business can be tricky but it is seems to be a very rewarding job as you get to make people happy!
Working in Madrid has opened my eyes to new aspects within the field of event planning. I enjoy talking with my colleagues and I find it rewarding to be doing work that the company will be using on their website and Facebook pages.

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