Hong Kong Shopping Advice and Tips

shopping in hong kong

Hong Kong Shopping Advice and Tips

Hong Kong Shopping

Shop till you drop!

If you’re looking for clothing, luggage, jewellery, cameras or electronic goods, look no further than the expansive, neon-lit shopper’s paradise that is Hong Kong for serious Hong Kong shopping But don’t get swindled and better do your research before setting out on your consumerism quest.


Forget about bargaining in chain or department stores- it simply isn’t done. However, by all means give your negotiating skills a whirl in markets, minimalls and even owner-operated stores. While you may be able to score a sweet deal, also consider why the item might be so cheap. For example, snagging a camera for half price sounds too good to be true, but in reality you may have to pay a high mark-up for the memory card or realize later there’s a missing component. Better keep your wits about you!

Defensive Shopping

Sounds more intense than it is. Defensive shopping basically just means research. Check out a few stores or stalls before purchasing an item, so you can get a feel for the average price of the good before making a decision. Especially in tourist shops, items are simply not price-tagged or they are intentionally over-priced in the hopes you won’t know any better. Don’t get bamboozled, friends!

Street Markets & Minimalls

For a true bargain-hunting adventure for your Hong Kong shopping, hit up the minimalls in Tsim Sha Tsui. Minimalls are truly a local shopping experience filled with all things young, trendy, quirky and chic. For those of you keen to make a deal, you can usually nab a discount when purchasing more than one item. Don’t miss out on the low-cost clothing deals at the eastern end of Granville Rd in Tsim Sha Tsui, and Cheung Sha Wan Rd in Sham Shui Po. You gotta dress to impress!

Guarantee & Warranty

Guarantees and warranties can be a tricky matter. Some imported goods have a Hong Kong only guarantee- pretty useless if the US or UK is home for you. Luckily, if it’s a well-known brand you can typically return the warranty card to the Hong Kong importer in return for one for your country. Always best to keep in mind, some “grey-market” items (imported by someone other than the official agent) may have a guarantee valid only in the country of manufacture or none at all. Keep a keen eye on the details to avoid disappointment!

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