Hong Kong Internship, Here I Come!

hong kong internship

Hong Kong Internship, Here I Come!

One of the things I wish I could do forever is travel.

intern hong kongMy name’s Jodie Wong, and I study Accounting and Finance at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. I’m fortunate enough to have visited a few wonderful places in recent years in America, Asia and Europe, and one of my greatest passions is immersing myself in new surroundings and learning about foreign cultures. I particularly love East Asia and wish to visit as many East Asian destinations as possible! The two cultures I am most interested in is definitely Chinese and Korean culture; I find them both extremely fascinating and enjoy learning about it through television dramas, books and documentaries.

One of the countries that I have always considered my second home is Hong Kong, where I will be doing an Accounting internship this summer. Even though I was born and raised in England, Hong Kong is the home of my family and friends, and has always been the place where I have dreamed of working and developing my career. With Absolute Internship, I can’t wait to finally get the work experience I have always wanted! I may be familiar with the city in terms of the shopping, food (the most important aspect, FYI) and tourist attractions, but this summer is the first time that I will finally be gleaning a real insight into the business environment of Hong Kong.

intern in hong kongAlthough I have visited the city a few times, it’s safe to say that I fall in love with Hong Kong more and more each time. Hong Kong is always changing, developing, and is so wonderfully cosmopolitan and fast-paced that you just can’t not love everything. Besides from the actual internship in Hong Kong, I am extremely excited about meeting my fellow interns and forming new friendships. Getting to know new people has always been something I look forward to, and I can’t wait to head around the city with everyone!

I’m counting down the days until my experience with Absolute Internship begins, and I really can’t wait.

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