Hong Kong Adventure

Hong Kong Adventure

Moving abroad is hard; it’s challenging, and I believe that spending a month in Hong Kong participating of the Absolute Internship Program where I will be working for an enormous company will be one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my career path until now.

My name is Bruno Feijo and I am half Italian and half Brazilian. I am now going into my third year studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cardiff University in Wales, U.K. Having lived in many different cultures, I have been placed outside of my comfort zone on many occasions, with a multitude of professional environments requiring me to speak in more than one language. However, I have not yet had the opportunity to experience a Chinese context, and this is a gap in my experience to date that I would like to redress, especially given that China has an enormous potential to take the lead in the development of renewable energy technologies, and in addition to the engineering skills I can gain, I hope to develop cross-cultural interpersonal skills through my interactions there.


  As I enjoy challenging myself constantly, I have decided to apply for this opportunity due to the fact that it will expose me to a different environment and it will be a unique experience to partake. Throughout this internship I hope to enhance my discipline and knowledge as well as applying my existing engineering and personal skills in my field of study. Networking is also extremely important as I will be able to exchange ideas with people from all over the world, while gaining an insight into my future aspirations.


Travelling and getting to know different cultures were the best decisions I’ve ever made, and it has helped shaped and continues to shape who I am today. When I left Brazil in the beginning of 2008, I spent one year in Auckland, New Zealand under a working-holiday visa, aiming to save some money to help paying my studies which I did in Brisbane, Australia where I concluded my Engineering Foundation Degree one year later. Furthermore, after one year in Australia, I went to Nantes, France for six months where I undertook a French Language course as well as doing some Au-pair work. Later on, I moved to Bournemouth, U.K. and worked for almost three years within the hospitality sector, which definitely enriched my self-confidence to get my degree started. Finally, I recommenced my studies in September 2013 when I was accepted at Cardiff University.


Therefore even though it will be a completely different experience, I am confident that Hong Kong has a lot to teach me and it will add a lot of value not only on my professional life but also help to build my own skills.

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