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High School Internships: Why Every Student Should Do One

HIgh School Internships

High School Internships: Why Every Student Should Do One

Thinking about university/college applications is stressful for every high school student. What should I include in my application? How can I decide what subject to choose? What do I do if I have no work experience? All of these questions are definitely running through your mind when thinking about your next steps! There is a solution to all of these worries…high school internships!


Why should I consider high school internships?


There are many reasons to do an internship during your time at high school and that is why they are becoming increasingly common. Thinking about your future early will benefit you in many ways:

Understand your interests

If, like many other high schoolers, you are struggling to pick your favorite subject at school and feel it is far too early to be making a decision on your degree, then doing an internship will secure your feelings. With Absolute Internship, you will elect to do your internship in one of four career tracks: Business, Creative, Tech or Non-Profit. This will allow you to explore the broader area of interest before deciding what exact subject you are most drawn to. For example, if you choose the creative career track, you could be working on a wide range of projects including design, marketing, communications and social media. From this experience, you will be able to determine which of these areas is most interesting to you, and pick your degree subject based on this.

Gain professional experience

Another reason to consider high school internships is that it is a guaranteed way to enhance your resume and boost your professional working experience. Going into university, you will always be looking for ways to enhance your resume in preparation for your job search after graduation. Having one internship under your belt before university will put you ahead of your peers and open doors for you that aren’t available to others.

Become international

With Absolute Internship’s high school program, you will be interning with a company located in one of 11 locations across the globe, including Barcelona, Stockholm, Singapore and more. This will allow you to hone your cross-cultural business skills and experience what different working cultures are like.


HIgh School Internships


What options do I have?


Of course, there are many other options for you to consider during your school breaks:


Traveling is an amazing experience that everyone should have the chance to experience! Going on holidays and seeing new places in the world is an amazing way to spend your summer and you’ll learn a lot from it. However, it’s not something you are able to use for your resume.

Part time jobs

A part time job is another way to spend your school holidays. While this is a great way to earn a bit of cash and make new friends, it is unlikely to be very relevant to your future career. Usually part time jobs consist of retail or hospitality work which will not be very relevant when applying for jobs in the tech industry for example.

High school internships

A part-time remote internship during your school breaks is a great way to still have the freedom to travel and go out with friends whilst also boosting your college applications. You will gain extremely hands-on relevant experience in your chosen career track whilst also having the freedom to pursue other hobbies at the same time.


HIgh School Internships


How can I find high school internships?


If you have no previous experience, it can be very tricky to secure high school internships, as they are not as common as university internships. But you do have a few options:

Try and do it alone

Using the power of networking, it is possible to secure yourself an internship during high school, however it is extremely rare. This is because companies usually work with university students who already have experience. Creating a LinkedIn profile and building your network by connecting with new people will help you in your search. It is also a good idea to use your existing connections. Do your parents have a friend within a field you are interested in? Ask them for a short internship opportunity.

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Program like Absolute Internship

Your other option is to do an internship through a dedicated organization such as Absolute Internship. The experience is completely organized for you and you are guaranteed an internship in your chosen career track. You will also gain an international aspect with this internship program due to the company locations being all across the world. You will also receive onboardings, trainings, support from Absolute Internship during your program to ensure you’re prepared and supported throughout the internship, as well as access to a greater network of industry professionals and students joining the program from around the world.


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