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Hi from London!

Hi from London!

Hi from London! I arrived in London on the 26th December to a very cold day – almost a 30-degree difference to the temperature I had grown accustomed to in Adelaide throughout the December Christmas period. However, upon arrival I received a very warm welcome from the Absolute Internship staff and fellow interns as we shared Lunch at the infamous Heathrow Airport. Many of us were in the same situation in having not previously interned abroad before, but collectively very excited about the upcoming employment opportunity to acquire invaluable experience at a highly respectable firm, whist also offering the chance to live overseas. In fact, it is quite comforting to hear one of the other ‘Absolute’ Interns will be working at the same firm, which helps remove the unfamiliarity of interning overseas and nerves on the first day. Furthermore, as all interns are from Australia, it was very welcoming to arrive in London and still hear the Australian accent!

The Interns and I experienced the conditions associated with such a populated city, taking over 40 minutes to travel into inner London from rural Heathrow airport, where our accommodation is located. However, this drive allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the city and see the rich architectural buildings and vibrant landscapes. Upon arrival, both the housing location and rooms were superb – spacious rooms with spectacular 180-degree views of the nearby park and even the vibrant ‘Winter Wonderland’ setup at prestigious Hyde Park. Not to mention a well-maintained, easily accessible gym, which I am sure to take advantage of throughout my internship given the cold weather and busy working schedule.

Despite a great period of time spent travelling on the plane, all of us were very excited about being in one of the great cities in the world, and therefore our sleep was postponed as we all headed out to dinner to see what the great city has to offer! Our restaurant was located in the heart of London at the very lively suburb of Covent Garden, which enabled myself to explore the prestigious neighborhood whilst simultaneously enjoying a great meal and bonding time with the very friendly fellow interns. I am very much looking forward to the new years celebrations in London – watching the fireworks over the London eye and Big Ben in the coming days and further exploring the city by visiting the famous art galleries and Saint Paul’s Cathedral.


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