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Hangzhou trip day 1

Hangzhou trip day 1

It has been quite some time since I wrote a last post. I am doing great, loving the city, people and weird staff that happens;) I don’t want to make you bored by mentioning all the delicious food I am enjoying so I was waiting for this big trip to include in my post.

This week all of us, an amazing Absolute crew went to the Hangzhou. 3 hour bus ride and we got there,  we leave the bus and boom………….HEAT! Again;) Boat ride on a huge manmade lake, situated in the city centre. Beautiful views with chinese style houses, bridges, pagodas and small boats on the lake.


LAter some lunch, silk museum and the show at night. West Lake Impression was the show on the same lake we had a cruise couple hours earlier. At 8pm a show started. Even though it was raining for the whole time, the performance was breathtaking and one of a kind. Hundreds of actors were running through the lake, with small umbrellas, changing colours from blue, yellow, purple…. .


Ok. That is all for sightseeing. We got to the hotel in Hangzhou and the socialising part started. Although everybody was tired, we kept talking, and talking, and talking, and midnight! My birthday! So we went down to the bar for a drink, and ……the bar was closed. So, what next?? Bar somewhere in the city? Champaign was a must!  Everybody was lazy and we just didnt bother to dress up or put a proper clothes. Simply, everybody had some kind of pyjamas, sweatpants, slippers, T-shirts:) We got to the club CocoBanana and the table was just there, waiting for us next to the dance floor. What a night!…


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