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Guide for Singapore Interns – Making the Most of the City

interns in singapore

Guide for Singapore Interns – Making the Most of the City

People across the globe are eager to take part in Singapore’s thriving financial scene, as it is currently one of the most economically thriving business hubs in the world. However, the business aspect is only a fraction of the wonders this city has to offer.

Singapore boasts some of the coolest architectural masterpieces in the world including the Avatar-esque Super Trees. These man-made trees really do resemble “Home Tree” as they tower overtop the city at up to 50 meters and come alive with lights at night. In addition, a walk through the famous Flower and Cloud Forest Domes are a must-do. Both of these massively beautiful green houses fuse modern architecture with the natural beauty found across the globe. In the Flower Dome, the verdure decorates the floors and walls and in the Cloud Forest Dome, there is a 35-meter tall mountain draped with even more exotic species of vegetation, leading into an awe-inspiring waterfall. In total, these two domes house hundreds of species of flora, which are masterfully placed to amaze the eye. This city-state has truly mastered the ability to combine modern elements with natural ones. Adding to this theme are the metallic, net-like structures that stunningly reflect the sunlight when the wind blows. Like the entirety of the city at night, these nets sparkle in a way that you don’t want to take you eyes off them.

Besides gawking at the futuristic buildings, there are several activities to take part in on your downtime. For a weekend getaway, Sentosa Island is perfect for winding down and creating everlasting memories. This complex offers golden beaches, theme parks, and highly regarded spa treatments among other activities. If you’re looking for something a little more local, Singapore is home to a variety of shopping markets. Among the best include Haji Lane, Bugis Street, and Far East Plaza for buying gifts and memorabilia to remember Singapore-not that you’ll need them. At night, when you’re bound to have free time, the Night Safari provides the perfect escape. There, you are introduced to species that hail from afar and you have the ability to really interact with the animals. There is a bat and flying squirrel cage designed for groups of people to walk through. Although initially intimidating, the experience is exhilarating. Plus, you can claim you had your “Batman moment.”

An amazing city would be incomplete without mouthwatering food-and Singapore definitely delivers on this front. Indeed, the food will steal your heart as quickly as the city will. For breakfast, be sure to try a Singapore’s traditional breakfast: kaya toast and eggs. Kaya is a sweet jam made from coconut, pandan leaves, and sugar. Spread across a piece of toast with some butter, it will surely be one of the best breakfasts you have in your lifetime.

Because Singapore has deep roots in the Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian cultures, the local food bursts with flavor. Chief among the exotic dishes to try is the black pepper or chili crab, BBQ Sambai Stingray, their wide variety of noodles, and Singapore’s national fruit: durian. Despite the powerful smell, the fruit itself is tasty and is often regarded as the king of fruits.

For more cultural immersion, you can take a trip to Little India, Chinatown, and Arab Street for unique cuisine and unforgettable shopping experiences. These are great places to interact with locals, and you need not worry about many language barriers as Singapore’s national languages include English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.

The effect living as an intern in Singapore will have an effect that is immeasurable by any tool or test; it will expand your knowledge of the world, give you unbeatable experiences, and every moment should be savored. In order to make the most of it, bring your cameras, appetite, and a positive attitude to fully absorb all the treasures Singapore has to offer.

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