Goodbye China! Hello New Adventures!

Goodbye China! Hello New Adventures!

intern in chinaLast Thursday I left the place which I’ve been calling home for the past two months. In these months you got to be part of the real life in Shanghai, you’re not only there to visit all the tourist attractions, no during the week you just got to work. To be busy with your fulltime job, taking the same route to work every single day, go have lunch with your coworkers and at 6 pm it is time to go home again. It’s is kind of the same when you would have done this back home. One day you’ve got lots of work to do at the office, and other days you are waiting on the client to respond on the designs. Those days are more tiresome than the days when you have to stay longer at work to reach the deadline.

china internsThe career events we had were really motivating to listen to. To hear the people speak how they got in the position they are in know. It shows that it is never too early to start working on the future. That during your university years a working experience come in handy, though it is not always necessary. However, it does not matter if you do not have the experience. This is because there is also always a part of luck in the future. You will never know which direction life will take you. You might have your degree in one field, but in the end you will be working in a different discipline. It is the experience of everything that crosses your path that you will have to keep in mind. It is not looking at problems, but see how you can make the most of it with what is in your hands.

intern chinaWhat I have learned these past two months it is that what we learn at the university is mainly from the books. However, where we will end up working is a whole different world. You need the basic theory, but it is the people you meet and work with which will end up teaching you how the work will be done.

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