From Jordan to the London Internship Program

From Jordan to the London Internship Program

Each year we welcome students from all around the world to join our #AbsoluteTribe. Last year, over 55 different nationalities were represented in our programs!

We reached out to Dina Tabbalat, an Absolute Internship Alumnus who was part of the London Internship Program this past summer. Read about her successful internship in London, and how she gained insight into different organizational cultures.

Could you please introduce yourself? 

Hello! My name is Dina Tabbalat. I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. However, I am currently living in the United States. I’m majoring in industrial and systems engineering at Virginia Tech University.


Could you tell us why you chose to intern abroad with Absolute Internship?

I heard about Absolute Internship through an email from my university and asked my friends if they had ever applied. Turns out that I had one friend who did the Barcelona program, she was very happy with the program and really recommended me to go for it. That’s why I applied, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!


When and where did you take part in your Absolute Internship?

This past summer 2019, I took part in the London program for 4 weeks.


What are the most valuable things that you learned during this experience?

What I value the most is learning about the work culture in the UK and how different it is from the Middle East. I have done several internships in Jordan and this was my first internship abroad.

“I loved my time in London and my internship placement because I learned so much from the people you work with and interact with.”


What do you remember most fondly about your time in London?

I love London! It is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world. I could imagine myself working there in the future. The touristy places, the restaurants, of course, the people I met through the program and at the company I worked with were the things I remember most fondly about my time in London.


How did this experience shape you, personally and professionally?

I felt very responsible. One of the things I realized while I was interning in the Engineering department is that the company trusted me and gave me meaningful tasks that we would work on together. I found this opportunity amazing because being an intern does not always mean that the company will give you important duties. It was insightful to work with different teams and contacting different clients.


How has your internship helped you achieve your goals?

My goal for the summer was to get an internship abroad in order for me to experience new adventures and embrace the European culture. I went into the London program not knowing a lot. At first, I was stressed out since I didn’t know what to expect, but then I set a target for myself: I wanted to learn as much as I could. I asked lots of questions to my supervisors, made the most of my time there. Remember to make the most of your time abroad! This is your opportunity to learn about working in a new culture.


What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing an internship abroad?

Go for it! There are so many places and cultures to discover. Have fun, enjoy your time, explore the city and try to learn as much from your new company!



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