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From Adelaide to Shanghai

From Adelaide to Shanghai

My name is Queenie Yan. I am from Hong Kong have been studying in Adelaide for two years. Now, I am a last-year student focusing on a Bachelor in Commerce, while majoring in Marketing at the University of Adelaide. I am going to do a one-month Marketing internship at Shanghai within this summer holiday.

The reasons I chose Shanghai for my internship are related to its active economic environment. China has become a rapidly developing country where a larger amount and wider variety of companies has emerged, especially in Beijing and Shanghai. To meet my aim of doing Marketing within a fashion industry, Shanghai is more suitable because many people say it is the main place for exhibition of fashion shows and retail of international fashion brands in China. I expect I can see heaps of fashion brands’ stores along the street and within shopping malls. As I heard from people say it is crowded, I expect the retail stores are centralized and I will see many locals all the time. It may take me long time to do shopping compared to the time I spend in Adelaide, but the average price of products should be lower based on its lower consumption levels. Not only for clothing but I also expect the food is cheaper than in Adelaide. Also, as I have never been to Shanghai, I have only tried Shanghainese food in Hong Kong. I am looking forward to try the ‘real’ and traditional Shanghai cuisine, while being exposed to more variety. As many people think the environment of Shanghai is similar to Hong Kong, I expect there are many tall and modern buildings. I am also curious about how the design of buildings and the street will look like, and I hope to see some unique design that is different than in Hong Kong because I love observing different kinds of architecture.

Apart from my expectation about Shanghai, I have more expectations about my internship. It is my first time doing an internship and especially my first marketing job. I had worked as an office assistant and sales in my past experience, but the job itself gave me limited access to opportunities for me to apply my knowledge learned in my marketing courses. As I am going to be a marketing intern, I treat it as a chance to use my skills and knowledge. Moreover, I hope their employees will teach me some new skills and share their experiences within the industry. Work environment and culture is also one of my expectations to experience in the internship. These can help me to learn working with other colleagues and improve my communication skills. I also expect my Mandarin will be useful in work as this is the main language used in Shanghai. However, I prefer speaking both English and Mandarin because I can practice two languages in the work environment. I expect I will be working with both locals and westerners.

As mentioned before, this will be my first time going to Shanghai, which is why I want to visit its attractions and experience its culture. I am excited for the program to participate in some sightseeing activities on the weekends. I would also like to meet people from around the world where we can discuss about our work experience. Overall, I have lots of expectation about my marketing internship and Shanghai. I hope the Absolute Internship will reach my expectations, so I can earn a valuable experience there!

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