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From Adelaide to Macau

From Adelaide to Macau

After a 14 hour stopover in Singapore, I was eagerly awaiting my arrival to Hong Kong. My sister and I were welcomed to Hong Kong by an elderly man letting one rip in the terminal with what constituted as a complete #yolobusface. After a brief laugh we were quickly on our way to the ferry to Macau.

It felt like a lifetime ago since I had left my house in Ingle Farm, Adelaide to go to the airport to go to Singapore to go to Hong Kong to go to the Ferry to go to Macau. Finally however, we had arrived! Like animals waiting to get out of a cage, all of the punters were waiting at the doors of the boat before it had been docked, eagerly awaiting the chance to throw their money onto the table. Being both physically and mentally tired, my sister and I eventually found the front desk at the Venetian and made our way up to our room. As well as the room being incredible, we had a great view of the mini golf course below. While sitting on the window seal watching one pro and one amateur play a round, we witnessed the pro get a hole in one. He turned to the many windows facing the golf course and put his arms up in the air knowing that at least one person in the hundreds of windows must have just seen what he just did. My sister and I cheered for him but unfortunately he will never know.

While wandering through the casino we were perplexed by the system of arrows throughout the complex. While looking for a toilet we witnessed one sign with arrows pointing both up and down. Having already been thrown around the place by dodgy arrows while looking for the oddly placed front desk, these arrows seemed like the icing on an already very frosty cake. It’s one thing to be trolling us when we’re trying to find our way around the place, but to troll us with inaccurate directions when we’re both looking for a toilet was just menacing. We felt like we were on one of those late night Korean game shows and the arrows were just being changed while everyone was having a laugh. After a night of walking around, playing some games and watching some shows we retired to our room for a well needed sleep.

Traveling to and from Macau was quick and easy, both 1 hour there and 1 hour back. Arriving back in Hong Kong was a relief as we were both completely over dragging our suitcases everywhere. Our last hurdle was to catch a taxi to our hotel. We hopped into a cab and told him to take us to Tsim Sha Tsui to which he replied that we had to join the other line opposite to us. We were frustrated, but it made sense because there was a very long line at the other one. After getting to the front of the queue and waiting for another taxi, which was quick I must admit, he then told us that the taxi we need to catch is on the side that we were originally on, to which we replied.. Of course.. But it was no big deal, we hopped in another cab and we were on our way. Arriving in TST was beautiful; we were amazed by all the Christmas lights and advertisements on the buildings, not to mention the amazing river front that it’s all built on. We continued to venture out for a nice dinner on the river front and afterwards enjoyed all the sights of the city lights while roaming around.

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