First Month Was A Crazy Adventure

First Month Was A Crazy Adventure

madridMy first month was a crazy adventure; I got to know a group of people all from different places around the world. I learned what it’s like to be in a professional environment and I learned a lot of personal lessons as well.

My favorite part of the activities was the dinners because it got the whole group together and there was never a dull moment. If we weren’t going out to dinner, we all planned to meet up at the residence for dinner and got to talk all about our days and where we wanted to go next.

Professionally, I think this was a great experience, one month has passed (one more to go) and I’ve learned a lot of new skills that will help me down the road in my career. Personally, I think doing the internship for one month is too short because it goes by so quick. I’m glad I ended up choosing to stay for 2 months because it’s given me the opportunity to gain more experience. I recommend learning key dialogue so you’re able to ask where something is and if you need to order food and drinks.


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