First Impressions from the Heart of Spain

First Impressions from the Heart of Spain

Meagan Magee, winner of the NSCS Scholarship, shares her current experience working for a Public Relations firm in Madrid as one of Absolute’s Summer 2017 Intern Heroes. 

It is good to once again be back in the land of flamenco and Rioja. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you must have never traveled to Spain. Even though this isn’t my first time in the country, it is my first time working abroad in Madrid, and it’s still as exciting as ever.

When I first arrived at the airport, I was relieved to find my pickup contact and other fellow interns. It was reassuring to know that this wasn’t all a dream, these people were real, and that they were awesome. I immediately liked everyone doing the internships with me, and a week later we are still all so close. We love gossiping, eating, and especially taking pictures together (sorry to all the natives who watch us take a million pics a day). I have also had the opportunity to travel around Madrid a bit. Last Saturday we traveled around the center of the city, and stopped in the Plaza Mayor, which is the most famous plaza around. We were also lucky enough to experience the city on the night Real Madrid won the Champions League in futból. Let me tell you, I have never seen an entire city more united in their excitement. You would have thought Madrid just found out every day was a holiday and they all won the lottery. Safe to say we drove right smack in the middle of everything and had an unforgettable experience.


Madrid Intern in front of Almudena Cathedral In front of the Almudena Cathedral


But sightseeing isn’t all I have done in Madrid. I have also been working as a Junior Executive Assistant at a Public Relations company translating press releases, among other things, from Spanish to English. My internship is quite serious, and I love having real responsibilities that make a difference. There are only three of us in the international department: myself, a part-time employee and a fellow intern. We have to divide and conquer the translations for an entire company! Truly I was overwhelmed the first day, but my co-workers are so nice and helpful, so it has been a wonderful experience overall. The other intern is from Britain, and brings me a mug of Earl Grey Tea every morning. If that’s not hospitality I don’t know what is.


View from the office The view from my office


Even though my co-workers are amazing and my job is rewarding, it is still strange transitioning to the real world. I haven’t had an obligation on a Friday in four years. A five-day week from 9:30 to 5:30 has been the hardest part of this whole experience. I have come to value sitting in the park for my lunch break with good friends and I am learning to make the most out of my free time on the weekends.

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