The Final Countdown

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The Final Countdown

T-Minus Ten Days to Starting my Next Great Adventure

Well the packing has officially begun and the bundle of excitement and nerves swirling around my head has gone from a vague and distant feeling to a concrete realization that in less than two weeks I will be in London, a city I have only experienced through books and movies.

london internshipMy name is Katie Russell and I’m currently going into my junior year at the University of Oregon where I am majoring in English. I’ve always loved reading so I figured, why not do what I love and go into publishing? So that’s my plan right now, and what better place than London to get my English nerd on?

When I’m not covered in a literal mountain of books I also love helping out with my sorority’s philanthropy, Court Appointed Special Advocates, which is another huge reason why I am so excited to intern in London with the company Absolute Internship has connected me with, The Heart of England Forest. The Heart of England Forest is a charity endeavoring to create a public forest, giving people the chance to escape the bustle of city life and just relax in internship

It still seems almost like a dream, oh wait! It has been my dream to work in London! I am originally from a town near San Francisco, California so London has always been a very magical, distant, land that I always imagined traveling to. I guess you could say I am pretty pumped to finally see and experience what it’s like in person. I also know that Absolute Internship does some planned events and excursions so I am also really looking forward to those and making new friends with my fellow interns. I’m most excited for this London internship though. This is giving me the opportunity to see what it’s like to actually work in a city in the career field I eventually want to get into; what could possibly be better than that? I have no doubt this is going to be awesome!

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