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Exploring the Shanghai nightlife scene

Exploring the Shanghai nightlife scene

The weekend soon becomes a break from work and time to explore Shanghai! Each weekend is different and starts at the end of work Friday. We usually all head home to meet each other, make plans then head out! If it’s the nightlife you are into, Shanghai does not disappoint! From small expatriate bars with your friends to some of the best nightclubs in the world, it has it all. Two of our favourite places are always bustling, Windows and Mint.

Windows is a relatively small expatriate bar that is great to hang out with your friends at. Located not to far from the apartments, it has the essentials to a good bar, long tall tables for all of your friends, good music and good drinks. If you enjoy Liars Dice, they will also provide enough dice for all of your friends. Whether you just want to have a few after work drinks or want to stay there the whole night, this can cater for both!

On the other end of the spectrum is Mint Night Club, the worlds first shareholders club. It is situated some 30 odd floors above Shanghai, has an amazing view of the city, but best of all, has a shark tank! This night is a night to remember, the party continues on into the early hours as no one wants it to stop. The location, famous DJ’s and shark tank keep everyone buzzing!

On the quieter end of the scale, day trips to various parts of China, not too far from Shanghai are a must. We ventured to Suzhou, a town situated southeast of the Jiangsu Province, which is full of history! The famous Suzhou museum awaited us and we witnessed the 2500 year history of the town. From artwork to small crockery, this place had everything! From the museum we went to a shopping strip that had everything and anything, and enjoyed some strange foods. From chicken feet, to duck kidney, the daring tried it all!

This weekend we will head to Nanjing by speed train and stay the night. The Absolute team organizes everything and we always feel safe having them come along. Nanjing has a dark history, as it was invaded by the infamous Japanese Imperial Army. Over 300,000 local Chinese were slaughtered. It will be interesting to see the museums and the history of the town, as well as how it has developed!

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