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Exploring Stockholm on a Budget

Exploring Stockholm on a Budget

Let’s face it- times are tough globally. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world while you’re young. The challenge of traveling while also a student can be a pleasant and easy experience, as long as you find the right places to be. Where you go is crucial in finding a place where your money stretches for maximum fun, without the financial burden. 


Sounds a little too good, huh? 


Stockholm, Sweden is an inexpensive city with 3 World Heritage Sites and unique food, style, and culture that you must see. It’s our top pick for an inexpensive adventure as a student, and to prove it to you, we’ve compiled a list of a few spots that’ll dazzle even the most seasoned adventurer, while keeping your wallet closed.

1. Scenic Natural Spots

When thinking of Sweden, often one thinks of sprawling green hills and rich blue skies. Ever accessible, Sweden has something called, Allemansrätten” or “the right to roam” meaning all of Sweden’s parks and natural areas are available to guests and citizens at any time, completely free. Stockholm county has over 330 nature reserves and two national parks alone. Completely free, these spots sport some of the most classic views in Stockholm including the Royal National City Park (Kungliga nationalstadsparken). This is a six-mile-long, 27 square-kilometer green space surrounding and leading into Stockholm and encompassing three royal parks: Djurgården, Haga, and Ulriksdal. This park was the world’s first “urban park” hosting a whole bunch of wildlife such as moose, deer, and foxes. Check out Visit Stockholm’s website for a full list of activities you’re free to do in these natural areas. This is our absolute cheapest recommendation, for maximum adventure without any spending. 

2. Drottningholm Castle

Drottningholm Palace is an excellent attraction for a traveling student with their student discount ticket, costing only $6.87 USD. Built in the 1600’s this castle is still home to Sweden’s royal family. With a unique french style influence as well as magnificent gardens and architecture, this is a place to get lost for a few hours. The Palace Theater is the best-preserved eighteenth-century theater in Europe. If visiting in the summer, catch one of the performances in the theater featuring its original machinery. Not interested in shows? Check out their gardens, some of the best in Europe according to some of the millions of visitors strolling through them each year. 


3. Vasa Museum  

This incredible boat, a remnant of the Vikings who once dwelled in Stockholm’s borders, sank in 1628 before being restored in the 1960’s. Now it sits in the Vasa Museum so tourists from around the world can visit and enjoy it. Entry into this museum is free if you are under 18 years of age, and $18.62 USD if not. While slightly more expensive than the palace, this is not a sight you DON’T want to miss. The history and craftsmanship of the boat will interest even the least enthusiastic travelers. 


4. Archipelago

Bypass the walking tours and dedicated boat rides to the Archipelago for their cheaper counterpart- public ferry rides. For as low as $4.90, you can ride over to this unique cluster of 30,000 islands. Here, you can embark on a whole host of free/very cheap outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, paddling, and cycling. Not feeling active? Explore the numerous cities on these different islands and get a feeling for each different flavor and culture. You can find anything you’re looking for in the Archipelago, from shipwrecks to cobblestone villages, there is plenty to explore. 

There are SO many cheap activities and places to visit in Stockholm that didn’t make it onto this list. Bearing in mind that the city is meant to be seen on foot can not only improve your experience but keep your wallet heavy. Walking around the city is highly feasible and a great option for keeping costs down. Overall, seeing Stockholm on a budget is an absolute CAN-DO, with a little creativity and foresight. 


Go out, and utilize your “right to roam”!


Pro Tip: Worried about going hungry? Try the lunch buffets! At around $12 USD you can eat at one of the many homemade buffets in the city. Arrive early, and make this meal your main one of the day with light snacks in the morning and evening. Street food for other meals is safe in Stockholm and typically a good deal. Try them out to round out your daily meals!


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