Embark on Remote High School Internships and Unlock Your Potential

Remote Internship Program

Embark on Remote High School Internships and Unlock Your Potential

Remote high school internships are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. By gaining access to professional experiences at a younger age, students have the chance to unlock their potential and gain valuable experience. 

Explore why remote high school internships are a powerful tool, helping young people explore what they can learn and accomplish, all from the comfort of their couch. 

What Are Remote High School Internships? 

A remote high school internship is a professional level work experience that students can participate in from the  comfort of their homes. They use a computer in order to connect and communicate virtually with their employer, instead of commuting to an office or workplace. 

Through innovative technology such as Microsoft Office and Teams, Slack, Zoom and even Google Suite, the intern will be able to engage in meaningful projects with their mentors all from behind their screen. Likely, interns will be assisting on a specific task or internship long project helping them to learn more about their industry. 

All in all, a remote high school internship is simply an internship that is more accessible and efficient than internships of the past, all while still giving the intern a full and rich experience in their desired field. 

Benefits Of Remote High School Internships

Remote high school internships offer literally TONS of benefits for students. For starters, a remote internship is a highly coveted experience at the moment as more and more companies turn towards at least some semblance of a hybrid schedule. Knowing how to utilize digital tools will help you stand out against future competition for roles. This experience also enables students to develop skills such as communication, time management and problem solving, all well before they enter higher education and the workforce. 

Another benefit that goes without saying, is the boundless opportunity. No longer do interns need to move to a new location to work for their dream company, causing them to spend money and time (that they certainly do not have in high school) in order to achieve their dreams. Now, interns can work from virtually anywhere for any company they can secure an internship. No need to stay local when the entire globe is an option for you! This enables  the intern to learn to work with people from various countries and perspectives, an invaluable experience for anyone at any point in their careers. 

Remote Internship Program

Finally, despite what you may assume, remote high school internships enable the intern to gain a significant amount of connections and relationships with potential mentors earlier and faster than ever before. Interns can simply reach out on their companies communication platform to anyone they wish to develop a relationship with and learn more about. 

Gone are the days of hoping you catch a glimpse at the office of the Art Director you aspire to be one day, and now you can get in direct communication, quickly, with your chosen individual. 

Challenges Posed To Remote High School Interns

Although a remote high school internship comes with copious amounts of benefits, there are some challenges included. For young interns, they may struggle to adapt to virtual communication, but they cannot let this get in their way. Utilizing video conferencing tools and regular check-ins can ensure effective communication and teamwork, but it is up to the individual to learn how to use them if the internship does not teach them. 

Another frequent struggle for high school interns is motivation. Coming off of a very regular schedule they are used to in school, they may find it difficult to manage their own time and accomplish goals without prompting. Creating a schedule, prioritizing tasks for themselves, and asking for help where needed can help a student learn to balance their own schedule and responsibilities long before they need it in their career and higher education of the future. 

Steps To Embark On A Remote High School Internship

First things first is for future interns to consider what their own interests are. Where might they like to work and on what sort of project? By conducting a self assessment of their own skills and interests this gives them somewhere to start in the chaotic world of virtual internship opportunities. Next they should scour Absolute Internships website page to see if there are any opportunities they find interesting. 

So you’ve finished your internship and are wondering what could possibly be next. The time after an internship experience is critical! Now is the time to showcase the effort you made to make connections and learn skills during your online internship. Updating one’s resume and Linkedin profile to reflect their gained experiences is a great first step towards a successful completion of an internship. This can help potential colleges and future employers see that you’ve spent your time wisely preparing for your future. Feel free to reach out to those you worked with and thank them for the experience, or even make plans to stay in touch. Bonus tip: Ask for feedback on your work from a trusted colleague and work towards improving. 

In conclusion, a remote high school internship can offer a whole new world to students looking to make waves towards their future careers. Not only will they be exposed to the working world earlier than is traditional, they’ll also be able to develop skills that will be highly sought after down the road. Additionally, by starting internships remotely in high school students will have more time to explore different careers and interests they may have in order to better prepare for when they apply to higher education like university or future careers. 

By overcoming the challenges posed by remote internships, such as isolations and distractions, young professionals will grow in their own abilities and talents. Combine this with the newfound connections and relationships the intern will get from the experience, they are sure to feel the lasting ripples of benefits far into their future from their remote high school internship. 


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