Dream. Travel. Intern in London.

london internship

Dream. Travel. Intern in London.

After nearly ten years of having the desire to visit London, I’m finally moving toward the opportunity to experience what life and work is like in such an awesome city. With many feelings like excitement and the fear and wonder of the unknown, it will no doubt be a wonderful feeling when I’m on the plane zooming down the runway taking me to a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

internship londonAs a graduate with a degree in Public Relations and Business Management and have chosen to take a PR internship in London. I think this will provide and amazing opportunity to obtain industry experience while simultaneously travelling and seeing the world.

There are of course many other travel experiences I would like to have. Travelling has always been a goal of mine and I see myself becoming involved more and more in programs that allow me to teach, learn, work and volunteer all over the world. I look forward to sharing experiences with others and making memories that will last a lifetime.

london internshipI have always been someone who thinks about what goes on in other countries and how they live and operate. The thoughts of many seem to stop at the border and have seemingly little knowledge of the world beyond the culture, laws and policies that define the country that I come from. I am happy to be someone that is a part of a generation that has wonder-lust and a desire to experiences life on a global basis and make strides toward becoming more cultured both as an individual and a generation.

I also believe having an open mind is key to allowing new and better experiences to find their way in. And what better way to get those experiences than by travelling. It goes beyond being a tourist; it’s about being a traveller. My name is Christopher Rawson and I’m excited to begin fulfilling my dream of travelling the world!

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