Disneyland and Victoria Peak

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Disneyland and Victoria Peak

intern in hong kongDuring the weekdays we are busy with work, but the weekends are even crazier. The first weekend we visited Victoria Peak, to see the best view of Hong Kong. We arrived in the afternoon and watched the skyscraper lights slowly illuminate as it got dark, before taking a break from noodles and eating in an amazing western pizza restaurant. There was a day trip to Lantau Island to see the huge Buddha statue, and a trip to see a fishing village. We took a boat here for only 20 Hong Kong dollars each, and saw pink dolphins emerging out of the sea.

I decided to go on the Macau weekend trip which was an amazing experience and well worth the extra money; we had a minibus take us to all the main attractions and stayed in a nice hotel with a casino. And dancing on a rooftop bar with a view of all the Macau casinos is something that is unforgettable.

intern in hong kongBut without a doubt, the best weekend activity for me has been my trip to Disneyland. Taking a break from work and experiencing all the familiar Disney films mixed with Chinese and Hong Kong culture was amazing.

In the evenings we had talks from professionals to help us understand more about businesses and develop our career interests. The first talk I went to was by IKEA. We had a talk by one of the stores managers about their business strategies and values, and then went on a tour of the Hong Kong store, where they broke down all of their selling techniques, telling us why they placed the furniture in a certain why and how they increase their sales. We also had a talk and tour of Bloomsberg, which helped me understand how huge businesses are successful and function, and their own unique selling methods, something that’s inspired me to develop my own professional profile.

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