Discover Lucrative Sweden Internships for Growth

Sweden Internships

Discover Lucrative Sweden Internships for Growth

Finding an internship is hard. Finding an international internship in the field of your choice is…well…harder. It can be difficult to gauge how interactive an opportunity will be, much less to find one. While you are certainly welcome to scour the internet for an internship opportunity, find housing, and then hope to high heaven it all works out, there is a much better way. Enter in, Absolute Internship! Created because we know how valuable it can be both personally and professionally to have an international internship experience, and that it can be extra difficult to verify that it’s a safe opportunity in a country with plenty of housing. We’ve created the perfect stress free opportunity that will allow you plenty of headspace to focus on the important stuff, like exploring, learning and just generally soaking up all of the knowledge you possibly can! Read on to see just how special Sweden internships can be with Absolute Internship. 

Why Sweden? 

Known for being the most innovative tech hub in the world after Silicon Valley, Stockholm is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. This is precisely why Absolute Internships has selected Stockholm as the home base for their Sweden internship experiences. Stockholm is home to many iconic companies such as Spotify, Skype, H&M, IKEA, and Candy Crush, this city was recently named the world’s smartest in IT.  For those looking for a unique European adventure as well as exceptional career growth, there is no better option than a Sweden internship in Stockholm

Career Opportunity and Attention To Detail

First and foremost, Absolute Internship takes the guessing game out of the equation. After you establish which industry you’d like to work in, they will contact the companies they work with in your given industry and find you the perfect match. Absolute Internship is obsessed with finding interns experiences that fully immerse them in their chosen industry, and does the work beforehand to find out which companies are providing hands-on experiences for their interns versus which ones are simply having their interns get coffee. Not only will you have the space of mind in terms of securing an effective internship experience, but you’ll also benefit from comprehensive professional development opportunities facilitated by Absolute Internship. After work hours, our program includes the Career Speaker Series. During these sessions, accomplished CEOs, top level executives, and industry experts will generously share their success stories, detailing their journey to the top while offering insights into their failures as well as any hurdles they experienced on their ride.

 Sweden Internships


Not only will you get to witness the Career Speaker Event, but we regularly inform our participants about relevant networking events in the city as we have strong collaborations with some of the largest and most important Chamber of Commerce and specific industry organizations. Every month we find various events for our interns to go to where they can go deeper by networking with industry professionals, expanding their circle, asking questions, and further immersing themselves in their chosen industry.  


After a full day of working hard and exploring, you’ll need somewhere comfortable and clean to relax and recharge before another day of adventure. Absolute Internship makes sure you are fully set up on this front. You’ll be staying in the city center with high quality housing. What does this look like? You’ll have a shared room with one other participant from our program with a private bathroom and toilet. You’ll live in the same building as other program participants so that you’ll never feel alone in the city. Intern housing is close to public transportation with common facilities like laundry, recreation rooms, and study spaces. Other important inclusions are gym access, 24/7 reception to the building, linens and bedding, and of course, free wifi! 


All work and no play makes for a very dull international internship experience! Absolute Internship makes sure that you are well acquainted with your new home by starting you off with a guided tour of the city. This lay of the land is extremely beneficial as it allows you to gain your bearings safely with your group. You’ll also take several day trips to places like Goteborg, Drottningholm Palace or one of Sweden’s many archipelagos to learn about the Swedish way of life, culture and history. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about art! You’ll go to see the wonderful Nobel Museum as well as the Vasa Museum where you can see the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged after it sank in 1628. All that exploring will definitely cause you to work up an appetite on your Sweden internship experience, so we make sure to take you to Östermalm Saluhall. Östermalm Saluhall is a market and food hall, home to all sorts of authentic Swedish souvenirs and dishes. Try a traditional Fika with a delicious kanelbullar (cinnamon bun)! We also offer several non sponsored events run by our on-site staff. 

In the end, by choosing to embark on a Swedish internship, you not only open yourself up to a whole new world of professional experience and networking, but you also get to grow and learn as you see yourself in not only a new city but a new country. In a world where finding the right international internship can be daunting and perhaps even frightening, our program offers you a stress-free environment, meticulously designed to allow you to focus on what truly matters- exploration, learning, and soaking up the knowledge of those around you. Your Sweden internship with Absolute Internship promises a perfect blend of professional and personal growth as well as cultural immersion and unforgettable adventures. The culture of innovation in Stockholm paired with our well-matched hands on internships, complemented by our various networking and career development services pair beautifully with quality housing, day trips and tours. This journey will not only enhance your career, but also enrich your life, and we couldn’t be more excited to help bring that journey to you. 

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