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Did Four Weeks Really Go By?

Did Four Weeks Really Go By?

It’s weird to think that only four weeks I was arriving and now I’m on the plane leaving Shanghai again. Going through the airport was tough for a lot of people, as friends were crying and hugging saying that they would meet up soon. For me, it hit me that I was leaving first through customs, as I started looking through the photos from my trip (a bad idea). The second time was on the plane, as I looked at the most recent picture of Mr. Chung and I, who was my old driver and offered to drive me to the airport on my last day. No city has ever made me miss it more than Shanghai did, I’m a little nervous to see how much more I will miss Shanghai when I get back to the US in the next week.

I’ve had a lot of different jobs, but my marketing internship in Shanghai is something that I will remember for a long time. I finished at my host company on Tuesday of my last week, so I could go explore Shanghai a little bit more. Throughout my time at my Shanghai internship, I learned about as much as I could. Those last two days consisted of me figuring out what I could do better for the Facebook page and website, along with creating a document to show the new interns how to take care of these social media sites. Our last day was a little emotional, as we all said our goodbyes, our boss took us out for coffee and said thank you for all that we did and said to keep in touch. My host company gave me a better outlook at how business is conducted in China and how creative you need to be in this department.

When I lived in Shanghai 5 years ago, I met some amazing friends from over 23 different countries, and some were still living in Shanghai at the time. I wanted to meet up with Tiffany Ku and Jason Su over dinner about where we are now in our lives and bring up old times at SCIS. The whole night consisted of us telling stories about our memories of SCIS, figuring out who was in our grade, and all the weird stuff that we had done when we were 14 years old. I had dinner with them again, as I enjoyed last time so much. Tiffany goes to school in London, while Jason goes to school in Canada, so it’s pretty remarkable to see them after not much communication in five years.

Words cannot describe what Shanghai has given me in only a month of being there. I’ve met some pretty amazing people that I am honored to call my friends, some even best friends, such as Soloman and Akash, the two wildest guys I know. When I came to Shanghai I was looking forward to an internship, but in the end I got an adventure beyond what money can buy. I told myself on the plane to Hong Kong that I will do what ever it takes to come back next summer, you name it and I’m doing it. I cannot thank Absolute for everything they did, as this is a great opportunity for any college student who wants to get more out of an internship.

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