Climate & Weather in Singapore

Climate & Weather in Singapore

When you go to Singapore for your Singapore internship, make sure you always have three things: an umbrella, sunglasses, and your inner desire to live in a sauna.

Located just 1° north of the Equator, Singapore experiences yearlong heat and copious rainfall (2340 mm annually). And if you’re in Singapore from November to January, you can expect daily rainstorms from the Northeast Monsoon season (from December – March). The other monsoon is the Southwest Monsoon (May – September). Despite the different seasons, Singapore doesn’t really experience any drastic temperature changes because of its maritime exposure, so just plan for hot and humid!

In terms of humidity, normally, the air reaches around 70-90% humidity, and when it rains, the humidity level can reach as high as 100%! Some advice: when you’re there, drink as much water as possible and stay indoors to prevent dehydration. Also, make sure to pack your lightweight cottons and linens.

You may be wondering when the best time to visit Singapore is, and even though there isn’t much of a difference in temperature anyways, you should know that Singapore’s driest and best month is typically February. In the summer, which is usually peak season for tourists (and when you’ll probably be there), there are a variety of events for you to take part in like the Singapore Food Festival.

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