China Changed Me for the Better

China Changed Me for the Better

Chinese mealTo reflect on this experience is one of the best things I can do. Reflecting allows you to relive moments that are unique to your perspective, which allows you to recognize how much you have grown from the first week to the last week. You could say that China changed me for the better.

One of the first thoughts I had upon arriving in China was, “I could live here.” I surprised myself when I thought this because I had no prior admiration for such a big city because they are overwhelmingly populated. Although, I had this premonition, I came around this time with an accepting and appreciative mentality and this is what, I believe, helped me make the most of my experience interning in Shanghai.

As you could probably tell this is one of my recommendations: be open and appreciative with your time spent here. Since this one is an overall recommendation that can be applied at any time and place I will now provide you with suggestions from an important facet of the experience: food. Under the expectation that you will also be placed in the same apartments as I, you can find any of these within a 10-minute walk (…except the last):

Breakfast in China1. “Perfect Beef Noodle” has got to be your first stop. A perfect beef noodle bowl is around 15RMB which is only $2! A nice plus is also that you can always take it to go if you want to have a good meal in the comfort of your apartment. It’s only a short walk down to the right from the housing.
2. Zhaojiabang road (towards Jiashan Metro Station). Baozi, tea hard-boiled eggs, pork-filled muffins are all perfect and cheap options for a breakfast before work. Each 2RMB.
3. Dapuqiao Mall (is a metro station as well). Can find everything here. First day I got pork meatballs with rice and it was very good!
4. Shanghai Food Mall (near People’s Square) has the candy!

Make sure to enjoy the food and culture!

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