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Canada Day in London!

Canada Day in London!

Happy belated Canada Day!


Canada Day in London is pretty awesome there’s lots to do.. theres tons of Canadians! And because we are still part of the British Commonwealth it’s a pretty big deal here! So to all you Canadian’s coming to London next summer: you won’t be the only one that’s for sure… and you most definitely won’t be lonely! Lucky for me a friend that I intern with at Polistas had a gig Djing on a boat cruise Saturday afternoon. Docked from Temple Pier and had about 100 people on it.. even tons of Brit’s and Australians. It sailed the Thames had great tunes and afternoon drinks! Most of the people on the boat live in London all year round I was the only intern(that I met). The boat went from 1-4 and after that, we all headed to the Maple Leaf Bar which is the Canadian bar here in London. They have your favourite Canadian drinks and food.. great times and met lots of Canadian friends! They even played the National anthem which was fun.. everyone stood up and sang.. haven’t heard that song in a while like a touch of home!


On Sunday, July 1st.. it’s a tradition here in London to go to Trafalgar Square where they have celebrations going all day. The downside is I didn’t make it to the Square because I wasn’t feeling the greatest by Sunday afternoon.. been a long week at work and I really needed to catch up on sleep but I got the play by play from a friend who was there all day and he never missed a detail 🙂  He also took some photo’s for me as well so I could properly fill you in! This year they had Our Lady Peace, Rich Aucoin and a few other  Canadian performers there. Everyone dresses in red and hangs out for the whole day. Trafalgar Square is huge so you can only imagine how many people are there for the duration of the day! Starts at about noon and goes on til late at night. They even had a mini hockey tournament there… Canadian’s sure do love their hockey.. it’s not a very big sport over here(football/soccer is really all the rage) but made the Canadian hockey fans feel a little more at home. And because the Euro Cup Finals were on the night, and Spain came out the champions.. a lot of Spanish people also crowded into the Square and it was an even bigger celebration. But gotta love making friends so who can complain!

Next up: Paris blog… we went last weekend but have been waiting on my photos from the trip so I haven’t quit gotten around… but not long!!! keep checking back 🙂


Night for now!

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