Big, Busy but Great London

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Big, Busy but Great London

Arriving in a new city, especially one as big and busy as London, can be overwhelming. I come from a moderate sized suburb, where the greatest decision one has to make for weekend activities is whether or not to go to the mall or the movies. So coming to London with its plethora of daytime and night activities was both an exciting and scary prospect.

sights in londonThankfully, Absolute Internship provides a variety of group events that allow us interns to see various parts of the city. From the traditional tourist spots, like the London Eye and Big Ben, to the smaller and local-loving venues, we have been provided with many different experiences throughout the city that help to build a true sense of life in London. Two of my favorite activities so far have been parallels on the city spectrum. On the first weekend here in London, we were taken on a nighttime city bus tour that drove past all the major monuments and landmarks throughout London. I truly enjoyed this because I had never seen so many beautifully historic buildings in a single place. I was in awe of the beauty of the city and so overjoyed to be experiencing the city with fresh eyes, all from the top of an open-air bus. Another one of my favorite activities was hanging out at a local bar and restaurant close to the accommodations. Throughout the ten minute walk, I truly got to see more of the everyday life of Londoners in our area. We walked past dozens of unique coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and shops and I was enthusiastic about not simply seeing chain stores. Overall, Absolute has provided the opportunity to not only experience work through our internships, but also to experience life as a native Londoner.

Not only has Absolute Internship planned many gatherings throughout the city to immerse ourselves in the culture of London, but they have also planned for company visits and professional guest speakers over the course of the program. Personally, I find the guest speakers to be one of the stronger aspects of the program. I have never had any experience in any truly professional environment prior to my internship, so receiving some tips and tricks from successful individuals in a variety of fields has provided me with a broader knowledge of the workplace, interviewing, and most importantly, making sure to find a career that you truly love.

In only one short month, I have become so much more comfortable in an environment so different than the one I am used to. Absolute Internship has been incredibly helpful in aiding my transition into the culture here. I can only imagine the greatness that will come from the remainder of my time here in London and I am excited to experience more of the city.

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