Building Relationships at Work

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Building Relationships at Work

My normal day usually starts at 9:30 am and goes till about 6:00 pm in the evening. I usually have a continuous project to work on for the pre IPO process. My company specializes in maximizing client experience by supplying the most exclusive, high-end, branded products and services of superior quality. In a nutshell, we are a client service company and we have to give our clients what they want and when they want it.

Shanghai Internship chartThe importance of maintaining these client relationships is crucial to our cash flow. If we make a client experience world class, then the client is happy. However, if the client does not have a once in a lifetime experience, then we run the risk of losing the client. Along with providing our clients with high end luxury goods, lifestyle services, and consumables, we also offer some of our clients investment opportunities with credit services.

In order to take this company public, it is my job to do extensive market research on competition, as well as opportunities to increase the value of the company. For example, I have done work with acquisitions of large assets to help us provide unique services for our clients. These acquisitions come with a contract; these contracts vary and it is our job to establish a baseline for these contract negotiations. My colleague and I do the same for different venues to serve our clients and/or provide product.

Finance board internship As far as school work goes, the biggest skill I have brought with me is communication. It is extremely important to have open communication at the workplace just like in the classroom. If you have a question, ask it. No one expects you to know everything. It is important to bring an open mind and humility to a new environment. I have discovered that and because of these traits, I have been able to adapt and learn much more quickly than I otherwise would have.

After being at my internship for a few weeks now I have built a few really strong relationships. I will continue to strengthen these relationships after I leave. Always be willing to help out one of your colleagues even if you don’t want to because one day you’re going to need help, too.

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