Being an Intern Has Changes My Life

Shanghai Internship Experience

Being an Intern Has Changes My Life

One of the best ways to gain real exposure to the business world is to be an intern. Work long hours and do the stuff no one has time for. Another way to put being an intern would be “busy work”. While that might not sound too appealing to young aspiring business majors, being an intern has changed my life.
Amazing Intern Experience
An internship is an opportunity; an intern is going to get out of it what he/she puts into it. So, keep an open mind and look forward to work each day, even if there is not much to do. GO to work with a smile, “yes sir, no sir” have a positive attitude and your employer will love you.

Having a strong work ethic is not something that can be taught in the classroom. Instead, one has to learn work ethic in the real world. The harder you work and the more you put into it, the more you will receive back.

The most important characteristic I saw in the workplace was humility. Those who are not afraid to ask for help are the employees who will excel more than the ones who think they know everything. Treat everyone as equals, but make sure you treat them with respect. Go the extra mile to help out someone and in return they may help you in the future. Build Relationships in Shanghai

While business is business, it very important to have a good balance of work and fun while in the workplace. One might think that there is no time for a break, no time for fun, all work all day, and then have fun when work is over. I would disagree with this. Whilst, being serious is important, but you are going to lose your mind and stress yourself out.

Make friends in the workplace and meet as many people as possible. Do your best to learn the ‘ins and outs‘ of the business in a way you could explain it to a random person on the street.

Always be happy to accept work, be humble, and make friends.

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