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Back in Adelaide

Back in Adelaide

I am back home in Adelaide now after a month in Shanghai. This last month has gone by so quickly, it does not feel like it was that long ago that I was hopping on a plane to Shanghai unsure of what to expect. Now with hindsight, I can honestly say that I have had the best time in Shanghai. In short, I have interned at a brilliant firm, made lifelong friends, and explored a wonderful city.

To anyone considering an internship abroad I would recommend that you do your research beforehand, find out if this is really something for you. In my personal experience as my first time travelling alone and living away from home, I found this experience liberating and exciting. I enjoyed the self-reliance, independence and the freedom of making my own schedule and working at my own pace. At the same time, this experience has also made me more grateful for all the things my parents do for me so I can focus on my studies. Interning abroad is an eye opening experience, something I highly recommend if you are looking to test your limits and discover what you are capable of on your own.

In terms of professional development, I have learnt so much during the short time I have spent at the firm. I am glad that I took the opportunity to intern overseas and I was extremely lucky to get into the firm that I did. Their hands on approach to my learning made all the difference. The sheer range of topics covered in their intern-training program gave me a comprehensive insight into the world of international business law. This internship has reaffirmed my goal of perusing a career in law and has opened doors towards furthering my interest in corporate and business law with other domestic and international firms. I now look forward to working within this dynamic and fast-paced industry in the future.

The friendships that I have made along the way have made this trip unforgettable. Whenever you have a free night, make sure you plan your own events beforehand, or have fabulous friends who do the planning for you. Of course, you should take the time to go and see all the tourist attractions go out and enjoy all the local treats and entertainment. Make sure you visit East and West Nanjing Road for the shopping and the Yuyuan Gardens for the best dumplings in Shanghai, but if there is one thing that everyone should do before leaving Shanghai, you MUST visit Mr. X’s puzzle house. This is, guaranteed, the best nights entertainment you can possibly find in Shanghai. Grab a few friends and have a great night out discovering your escape options from within a locked room, open late into the night it is well worth the cab fare and the 120RBM to play.

To conclude, I hope that my series of blogs have given you a bit of an insight into how I found my time in Shanghai working as an intern. Especially for students who, like me, went straight from high school to university, this could be your opportunity to travel and explore, while doing something that could influence and advance your future career.

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