Arrival – Here I am!

Arrival – Here I am!

Hong Kong InternshipAfter a 12 hour-long flight I finally arrived in Hong Kong! Just a second after I stepped out of the plane I could feel the heat and humidity. The staff from Absolute internship was kind enough to pick me and the other interns at the Airport. The Program Director and Coordinator are really nice and I felt welcomed from the moment I met them! There were many other interns waiting as well to go to the accommodation and it was great to meet everyone already at the airport. The Absolute Internship staff explained some things for us and then we headed to the Hotel. I was impressed how nice our accommodation looks like. It is a serviced apartment, which means that we have facilities to cook and housekeeping staff is available to clean the room on a daily basis, which is very convenient. My roommate is lovely, and we are getting along pretty well!

Sheung Wan, Central and other Shenanigans.

On the first night, the Absolute staff took us for dinner at a local well renowned restaurant, Tim’s Kitchen for some traditional Chinese food. It was absolutely delicious and it was a great chance to socialize more with the other interns. After the delightful meal, the Absolute Internship staff distributed us welcome packs, with some snacks and also our SIM card with a HK number and the Octopus card (for transportation but can also be used to purchase snacks or drinks at coffee shops or convenience stores). After this dinner, me and the other interns decided to explore the area close to the hotel. Sheung Wan is very interesting and close to Central, so we walked along streets that have many well-known brand shops and also found the streets famous for the agitated nightlife! International Relations InternshipWe entered in one of the many bars and although the playlist was quite funny (80s music) it was a nice atmosphere. We left quite early because all of us were tired from our long flights. On Saturday we had a tour of the city on a bus and later we went for dinner and then out at night to dance for a bit!

On Sunday, the Absolute Internship staff took us to the Victoria Peak. What an amazing place! Not even the foggy weather could take the beauty out of the place. I found funny the fact that up on the peak there is a considerably big shopping mall and restaurants – perfect for my constant ice-cream cravings! Later that evening they took us to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant! It was delicious! It is great we have Sunday sponsored dinners, and the Program Coordinator always make sure to take us to try a bit of all flavours of Asian cuisine! I am excited for the next dinners! In a word about the experience so far: AWESOME! HK – bring it on!

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