Architecture Intern in Singapore

Architecture Intern in Singapore

Architecture in Singapore consists of a range of styles and influences from different periods and places. Not only is SG known for the famous Marina Bay Sands and The Esplanade, there are still the remains of traditional architecture where it reflects the ethnic and religious diversity of the city state­ Such as the local hybrid shophouses, black and white bungalows and even vernacular Malay houses. Likewise, from the city I grew up in ­ which is Hong Kong, both places are quite similar in terms of the global state, as well as the architecture and people within it which fascinates me. (So I do want to try working at a place that is somewhere else, but still not toooo different from home ! )

My name is Phoebe Fan and I am an Architectural Design student from Hong Kong­ Currently in my third year and going to my final year after the summer in the University of Hong Kong. I believe that my internship in Singapore with Absolute Internship will provide me with an amazing experience in interning abroad, especially in the field of Architecture where I can gain practical experience and confidence in need to pursue a future career in this path.

Travelling abroad to new places has always been a passion of mine and I feel like it would be an even greater experience this time as it isn’t just travelling for fun, but even for work and enjoying the ‘work’ here (Which hopefully will be fun !) . In terms of Architecture, there is no better way for aspiring architects to broaden their understanding of what design can do, while gaining experience in a working architectural office which is located in a completely different country/city. It would be a valuable chance to see architects work within different climates, geographical conditions and even their own design traditions and learn how to adjust these conditions themselves.

So I have been to Singapore once for holiday doing all the touristy things, and it seems like a pretty nice place to be working in since language wouldn’t be a barrier ­ English and Mandarin are both alright. And as I have had previous experience in working in a small architectural firm before, I would say that this internship would not be completely new to me. However, I have never worked in SG before and the culture is probably still a bit different from Hong Kong. I am really looking forward to working in a new place, as well as doing some travelling and gaining more life experiences, meeting more people from all around the world !

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