Aneale Banerjee – Business Development Internship in Shanghai

Aneale Banerjee – Business Development Internship in Shanghai

Business Development InternshipHi, my name is Aneale Banerjee. Born and raised in Australia, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Law and International Relations (Business) at Bond University on the Gold Coast. With an Indian background I grew up as a third-culture kid in the truly multicultural city of Canberra. This made me want to learn about other cultures other than my Australian or Indian culture.

As everyone knows, the world is pivoting to Asia. So I really want to experience what it is like to do business within China and how foreign companies are able to bring and sell their products into China. This initially made me want to learn about Chinese Law. So I just completed a four month exchange at Fudan University in Shanghai studying Chinese Commercial Law. This has given me a taste of China…. But I want more!

This summer I am undertaking a Business Development internship in Shanghai at a state owned company that works with foreign suppliers and helps them find distributers to sell their products in China. I believe this is a great opportunity for me to gain experience into the daily functions of a Chinese state-owned company.

I cannot wait to start the program! Before starting the internship I have done a lot of research on Chinese relations with foreign countries and the success stories of foreign brands in China. I have also been apart of an Intensive Language Program for the past four months. With the intention of being able to properly emerge and embrace the culture in China. Although I have a very long way to go before I can have a nice conversation in Chinese.

I have had so much fun in China so far and I just want to see more. Fake markets are an awesome time to get things cheap. My first experience turned out to be awful. I thought I got a great deal on a pair of shoes, but when I told me Chinese friends that kindly told me that I paid three times more than I should have. Since then I have learnt a few tricks and been able to great a good price. Although there are amazing places to go in China, I really recommend going into more rural towns. Once you are out of the commercial hubs you can see some beautiful small things. These places not only forced me to utilise my Chinese language skills, but also gave me a greater understanding of the rich and diverse cultures in China.

Another must is KTV. Firstly, if you are trying to learn a language it has been said that listening and singing to that language really helps. But if you don’t care too much about Chinese music this is still an awesome time with friends. Most places have a great list of songs so there is something for everyone.

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