4 Tips to Ace Your High School Internship

A high school internship will help you hone your skills and learn more about yourself.

4 Tips to Ace Your High School Internship

Considering a high school internship? Good choice!

A high school internship is a great opportunity for students to learn more about their chosen profession or field of study. In high school, students are given the chance to venture into more of their interests: whether this is through clubs, sports, jobs, or other extracurricular activities, it’s truly a good time to figure out your path. Taking on an internship provides a unique experience to students, which means that it’s also a good contender in terms of gaining experience.

Is a high school internship worth it?

One worry that students and parents frequently express when it comes to internships is the time and workload that can overwhelm students. Of course, an internship is still quite different from a real job and taking up extracurriculars, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t manageable. Just like with other activities, it’s completely possible to take on an internship and still excel in academics and elsewhere.

The edge that a high school internship has is that is gives a student some work experience that’s specific to the particular path that they want to experience. Yes, it’s true that students can still find paying jobs – but sometimes, it can be difficult to find a job in the field that they want to work in in the future. For example, it can be difficult for a high school student to land a job in communications, marketing, or other similar fields. But taking on an internship helps students gain that experience and use it in future applications.

In line with that, college and university admissions officers also typically take internships positively. This is especially true if your internship is related to the field of study that you’re planning to pursue. And it will likely help when you pursue internships, during college, too. It may still even be applicable by the time that you graduate and find a job.

More than just for credentials, high school internships also help enrich students’ life with hands-on experience. Not only will you be able to learn more about work, but you’ll also be able to make connections, learn more about yourself, and gain confidence in your abilities. Taking a high school internship is definitely well-worth it.

If you’re about to take on your own, congratulations! This is going to be a journey that you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from. We’re sure that you want to do your absolute best, so keep these tips in mind:

Survive your high school internship

Do your research

One way to put your best foot forward in your high school internship is to know your stuff!

When we say “know your stuff,” we really mean do your homework and due diligence about the company. Before coming into your interview and going into your first day, it’s important that you’re familiar with the organization. This can be everything from learning company history and culture to policies, rules, and the org chart. Knowing what is what and who is who is bound to earn you plus points.

Additionally, it will help you understand more about the environment that you’re in, and what it can take for you to excel. If the company has certain values, you can use them to help guide you, be it in an interview or during your time in the company! Doing research also helps you answer questions better, as you have the necessary context to answer them.

Be attentive

In line with doing your research, being attentive is also an absolute must!

Like the first tip, this applies from the very beginning at your interview, and through your entire internship. Being attentive means asking questions, taking down notes, and making an effort to remember things and people that you’ll be encountering on a regular basis. While we know it can be hard to avoid daydreaming or distractions at times, putting on your best effort will help you shine ✨

Being attentive isn’t only reserved for official meetings or briefings, though. Attentiveness is also listening during conversations, asking questions, and taking initiative! Giving your full attention and effort to your bosses, colleagues, and peers will help make your high school internship experience more fulfilling.

Be open to feedback

An internship is, of course, a learning experience. So getting feedback and learning to grow from it is a vital part of maximizing your high school internship.

When receiving feedback, you should remember that it isn’t personal, but more on points of improvement. It can be challenging to accept feedback at times, but remembering that these points can help you get better is the key to acceptance. Additionally, you have to remember that feedback isn’t always given – so you have to ask for it! You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it, either. It shows that you’re truly dedicated to learning and evolving.

The importance of feedback is that it allows you to evaluate your performance and decide on what you want to improve. You can ace your internship by showing that you’re ready to become a better version of yourself!

Make connections

Acing your high school internship isn’t something that you can achieve alone, of course.

Making connections is actually one of the best perks of taking an internship. So to make the most of your experience, you should make an effort to connect with the people you’ll be working with. You can do this by striking up conversations, asking questions, and finding common ground with people. Try asking why they pursued this field, how they started, and if they have any advice for you. These are all just starting points, but you can talk about other things, too.


Taking up a high school internship can feel intimidating, but it’s an experience worth pursuing. You’ll definitely be able to do well if you prepare, communicate, and connect! By the end of it all, you’ll come out of it with more knowledge, and of course with a lot of self-improvement.

Balancing a high school internship can feel challenging, but remember: you’ve got this 🙌🏼

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