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Absolute Internship featured on Business Review Europe

Absolute Internship featured on Business Review Europe


Having work experience in China on your CV can make a big difference

“With Europe’s economy declining, students and graduates seek opportunities in the Far East; and in a crowded job market, having work experience in China on your CV can make a big difference” writes Business Review Europe.


Not surprisingly a rising number of university students from Europe are making their way to China for internships due to the fierce competition for work experience in their home country. At Absolute Internship, we’ve noticed this for both our Beijing Internship Program and Shanghai Internship Program, and are receiving more and more applications from European students and graduates. We’re happy to being able to help these students and graduates gain that competitive edge that they need and at the same time inspire them through our program.

Business Review Europe featured Absolute Internship and the story of two of our previous China interns:

Angelika Lisek, a 23-year old finance graduate of the University of Glasgow in the UK, completed a two-month placement with an investment bank in Shanghai this summer, and says that potential employers in the UK are more impressed with those that can step out of their comfort zone.

“China is the new centre of the world and having work experience from this fast-growing place makes my CV stand out which should be appealing to employers,” she says.

Another student, George Buhai, who also spent a summer in Shanghai on work experience, said it helped secure him a job not long after he returned. His employers were impressed with his ability to navigate the Chinese market place and employed him to a position very similar to the one he held in overseas.

“My work experience in China has definitely impressed my current employer and it has helped my company with several business deals with Chinese businesses” he says.

“I think China was a huge eye-opening experience. The business culture is so different to Europe. It’s important to understand the concept of guanxi when dealing with Chinese business people and I’m glad I have that experience from China”, Buhai continues.

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