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Absolute Challenge – You Better Werq – By Garrett Bemiller


Absolute Challenge – You Better Werq – By Garrett Bemiller

2018 has been the best year of my life, probably because it is Twenty Gayteen, the year of my people. I traveled to Florence, Italy for my Spring semester, and while I was there I was lucky enough to travel to various other places, like Japan, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, and Austria. It was an incredible semester and just when I thought it was coming to an end and I was going to have to return to the political punchline of a country that I call home, Absolute Internship saved the day and offered me a spot in their INTERNational program! I am now in Madrid, Spain for the summer and living it up Spanish-style. It is the pride month of Twenty Gayteen, so I am at peak power to create an awesome internship experience!


I was supposed to start my internship on the 4th of June, but my boss was in Paris for a few days. This gave me some time to explore Madrid and see some of the amazing things throughout the city. During this first week, we also had a company tour of the Impact Hub and got to see how they help young entrepreneurs start their businesses and give them a workplace. While we were there, I met one of the hosts who was preparing for her sustainable clothing fashion show. As a fashion major I, obviously, wanted to help out! So, I stayed in contact with her and got the opportunity to assist with not only the show, but also the public relations for the brand. Networking is the key to success and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

Week 1

My internship at Press & PR Consultant started the 12th and I was immediately in love with it. Press and PR Consultant is a public relations firm that focuses on areas including fashion, lifestyle, gastronomy, travel, etc. We represent some awesome clients, like Lautem handbags, the country of Lebanon, and also the Bahamas. My first week at PPRC was spent getting to know the clients we represent as well as the strategies and procedures of the firm. My boss, Valerie, is a professor at Instituto Europa di Design, so I translated presentations for her communications class and this allowed me to read about the firm, the communications and public relations, while also being helpful. In addition to translating the presentations and adding more information, I also created two case studies (one for Lautem handbags, and one for Erasmus+) that will be used in Val’s lectures and also for pitching new clients. On Thursday, I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a meeting with our interior design client about social media strategies. My first week was extremely informative and helped me to gain some insight into what my next seven weeks will be like!

Week 2

My second week at PPRC started with putting the finishing touches to the powerpoint and case studies. I also translated the testimonials and services sections of the Spanish website for the English version of the site. On Wednesday I went with Val to IED and sat in on her communications class. I also gave a small presentation about myself and my background. I had a PR internship in NYC last fall, so I was able to talk to the students about my experience working in the infamous Manhattan fashion world (spoiler alert: not as glam as you’d think). When went to work on Thursday I was given a new task: to develop the pitch for Lebanon. When I say we represent the entire country of Lebanon, I am being 100% serious. Our client is literally the Lebanese government’s Department of Tourism. So, I am researching everything there is to know about Lebanon, what there is to do/see/eat and creating different press leads and campaign ideas to make Lebanon a hot destination for tourists. I’ll keep you posted on how that ends up!


I mentioned how I was working with the designer I met at Impact Hub, so heres an update! Her name is Isabel and she is the designer behind WIWI Ethical Wear. I worked with her on different PR tasks, like compiling lists of publications and influencers that would have potential interest in her brand and the fashion show. That way we can send them press releases. I also am preparing to send out the press releases to the english media next week. The most exciting thing, though, is the FASHION SHOW!! It was yesterday (the 21st) and it was amazing. The preparation was rough, but it was all worth it! I cut vegetables for 4 hours Wednesday, prepared fruit for 3 hours Thursday before the show, and helped oversee social media during the show. It was stressful, but oh so worth it!!. WIWI is an awesome brand and I am so happy I was able to help with the show. I also look forward to continuing to work with Isa while I am in Spain! So far these 3 weeks in Spain have treated me right. I can’t wait to see what the gay gods bring me next!

Next week I’ll update you with my Adventuras Españolas and the amazing opportunities and experiences I have been afforded in the beautiful city of Madrid!

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