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A Remote Internship During My First Year at Harvard University

Millie Mae remote internship

A Remote Internship During My First Year at Harvard University

Hello 🙂 My name is Millie Mae Healy and I’m taking over the Absolute’s blog to share a bit more about my remote internship!

I’m currently a student at Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA where I just finished my first year. I’m an international student from the UK, and I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to explore studying subjects including Physics, Maths, English and Religious Studies. Through this, my problem has always been working out what I want from my future.

“I knew that I wanted to use my first summer in college to learn more about myself, develop new skills and gain insight into my chosen field — Absolute Internship has allowed me to achieve all of this.”


Doing a remote internship has allowed me to be more flexible and adaptable with how I approach work, while also being more accountable for how I spend my time. I begin my day by getting ready, having something to eat and organizing my workspace. I always try to make sure I have a drink and clear up any clutter from the previous day so I’m ready to stay focused. It’s incredibly convenient to be in complete control of my work environment and to be able to avoid a stressful or time-consuming commute.

My host company is West End on the Thames, who create bespoke event experiences on boats on the river Thames in London, specialising in corporate hospitality and weddings. Through my remote internship, I have been able to learn about many different aspects of what keeps a business running smoothly. I have had the chance to hone my copy writing skills — writing social media posts, creating new installments for their blog and proofing literature before it gets sent out. Communication is essential to any company so it is really fascinating to be a part of facilitating this. I spend the rest of my time helping with sales, creating quotes and proposals and assisting with communicating with customers. I have the chance to work with many different people at the company, and learn how all their different roles fit together.


West End on the Thames

So far, my biggest challenge has been staying organized and focused for several hours a day. There are lots of details to keep track of as I try to immerse myself in my host company but the challenge is definitely worthwhile.

“Staying present and accessible requires a bit more intentional effort when remote as compared to being in person, but it’s still a vital skill.”

Having spent my first year of university online in a different country I’m used to spending so much time online. However, I’m no longer sitting through lectures, going to office hours and grinding through p-sets — now, I’m working in real time. And since I’m not in an actual office, the majority of my work is project-based, meaning I can consistently see the tangible contributions my work is making in the company.

Millie Mae during her remote internship

As I continue my remote internship, I’m hoping to continue to learn more about this industry and continue to hone my skills. I’ve learnt that even as an intern you can be a real asset, and by being tested by jumping in to doing the job, you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses.


For anyone considering a remote internship, it truly is a fantastic opportunity. In order to get the most out of the remote aspect, have a dedicated space and take care to manage your screen time so you can stay on the ball. Make sure to communicate with your host company so that you understand the expectations, take initiative but also remember that you are now a part of the company’s process. There is so much to be gained and I can’t wait to see what else I will have learned by the end of my internship.



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Millie Mae is an international student from the UK studying at Harvard University. In her spare time, she is also a Staff Writer for the Harvard Crimson student newspaper.
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